Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Topshop Nails! Jewel in the crown + Ice crush!

I love abit of topshop, my guilty pleasure when my paycheck comes through. I think most girls would agree. I recently did a little purchase from the website and came across these beauts. Had to be brought! 
Once i spotted Ice crush i imediatly looked for a good base colour. I came acorss Jewel in the crown, its a stunning dark green/blue colour.
Jewel in the crown on the left, and ice crush on the right.
Im actully in love with ice crush, will go with any colour and has specs of glitter that multi-colour in the light.
Jewel in the crown on its own, its definatly got a hint more green in it in natural light.
Both together, i love this! The dark green contrast with the beautiful specs of glitter! Im definatly going to use Ice crush with a few other favorites!

Still loving your giveaway comments!

Do you have any Topshop nail varnishes?
MissLaurenLoves xx


  1. These look lovely together :)


  2. These are great I love them:), lovely colours that go so well together!
    x x

  3. Love those nails!! :D I love~ everything sparkly!!
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