Friday, 9 March 2012

Opi Big Apple Red!

Everybody needs a red in their nail varnish collection, so i was very surprised that i didn't. To me red nails are a symbol of femininity, of women pin ups in the 50's, and the ultimate sex symbol. With red being one of the most traditional colours, i knew i had to invest in a good, sex symbol-Esq red.

Marilyn Monroe and Dita Von Teese work the red nail look.  
To me, red nails make me feel more of a woman, more lady-like and vintage glamour. I really like Dita's backwards manicure.
OPI, they do my favorite polishes and they are the best make for high-end varnishes (in my opinion), so i wanted to purchase a really vintage red i knew it had to be OPI. I spotted 'Big Apple Red' and LOVED it. 
To me, this shade is the 'typical red'. It applys beautifully and drys glossy and fast.
I love this colour. And its a very strange sight for people not to see without glitter nails!

Whats your favorite red shade?

MissLaurenLoves xx

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