Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Benefit Sugarbomb Blush!

It was my birthday on Sunday, i hit the big two-O, and on my birthday i was spoilt rotten! And one of my favourite gifts was from my Mum and Dad and they got me a Benefit blush in Sugarbomb, its divine!
 I already have Dandelion so this was a welcome addition to my Benefit blush collection, i just love the pots they come in, and they come with a free brush!
 The shades are almost bronzing, with differnt shade of pink/brown shimmer.
Sorry my camera really struggled to pick this one up, but its stunning on, shimmery golden almost kind of shimmer. I cant wait to use it in the summer! 
You can almost see it, a shimmery line going down my hand. 
I am absolutly in love with this blush, but to be honest im in love with anything Benefit.

What do you think?
MissLaurenLoves xx


  1. it looks nice, quite sheer. I was just wondering what's your favourite benefit product?


    1. My favourite benefit product is probally there real! Mascara or magic ink liquid eyeliner! I love it all :) xx

  2. My favourite blush atm! :) xx