Thursday, 22 December 2011

Soap and Glory Make-up!

So, Soap and Glory, renowned Boots brand known for its bottles of bubble bath and quirky slogans have made a new make-up range. As i trotted along to my nearest boots on a early morning in Petty Cury round the corner from where i work, and had my useual nose around all the make-up stands i noticed a Soap and Glory stand.
I tried my upmost hardest to get hold of the annual Soap and glory Boots £60 set reduced to £25, as i brought it last year and was literally the best thing i ever brought, everything i could ever want for the cheap price of just £25! This year was the Big splendour, i was ready and waiting, and to my disapointment the boots website for some reason would not let me log in to buy it. I was absolutly gutted and i got pretty angary at boots for not letting me buy it. By the time i got into store, it was too late. Did anyone manage to get it?
Moving on from my rant. So, i was in boots and noticed the make up. Useually soap and glory do a few make up bits, like the eyebrow pencil and the concealer tube (both of which, i have) so it was a lovely suprise to see all this lovely fresh and new range.
My only ever eye make i use is always browns and nudes, for some reason i dont feel i suit the black smokey eye, so in the day i do light browns and going out i go all out for dark browns, light browns, and light colours in the correct places. I have always wanted the Urban decay Naked palette, but for £30 pounds i cant really justify on eyeshadows, so i picked up and decided to buy the 'Lid Stuff' in Whats Nude palette. Its all the colours and shades i adore!
There is four shades to a palette, top left- Vanilla, top right- Pink T, bottom left- Mudhoney and bottom right- Aubersheen. All the colours are matte apart from Aubersheen. The colours are beautiful and the palette was only £10! Not bad for really pigmented but nutural colours.

                               From left to right- Aubersheen, Mudhoney, Pink T and Vanilla.
I would use Vanilla unber the brow and on the actuale eyelid to pop the eye open, even in the inner corner of the eye to really make the eyes stand out. I would then either go on the crease of the eye with any of the three. Depending on what you like. I would even use all four somehow for a real smokey eye! Definatly going to experiment with these four shades and let you know how i get on! You can buy these pallete and other shades for £10 from Boots.

Also while i was there i treated myself to a powder hi-lighter, Glow all out, and a face bronzer, Solar Powder. Ive wanted a powder hilighter for ages, but never found the right one, so picked this one up, swatched it on my hand and fell in love with it! Picked it up instantly as it was the last one left on the shelf! I then spotted the bronzer and a girl can never have too many bronzers. So headed to the checkout.
I love the palettes they come in, a flip lid secured with magnets with a mirror on the opposite side of the lid. Now, i did swatch these for you to have a ganders at, but my stupid camera didnt pick the shade up, i probally need to do this in daylight, but anyway the shade inside are true to what there like on skin. The glow all out is amazing. Its pink shimmer perfect for giving you a winter glow on your cheeks.
                                                                 Glow All Out-
                                  Its baby pink, but comes out on the skin as sheer glitter.

The bronzer is two shades, the left a matte darker shade, and the right a lighter shade with a little glitter included. The signiture soap and glory symbol in the middle with a pink glitter, was a little gutted this wasnt glitter the whole way down, but only on the top surface (you can see i investigated on the bottom of the G!).
They dont have a big range out yet, but what i brought i am impressed with. Each one of these powders is £11 each, and they are not small, with a handy mirror included.

 You can find the Soap and Glory Make-up on the Boots website or in store (i have a feeling that it is only in larger boots store) but its still worth investigating! Thanks for reading.

                                                            MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Lots of love. MissLaurenLoves xx

Benefit Pore-fessional!

I cant believe its Christmas in two days! My excitement is uncontrollable. With the frost on my doorstep and two windows left in my advent calender it feels like Christmas is defiantly coming.
Moving on from all the Christmas lovelyness completly i recently got my mits on a tube of Benefits famous Pore-fessional. Its a balm texture supposed to smooth out pores for a smooth skin base for make up. Its a thick-nude balm, with no scent. Ive been useing this for a couple weeks now for special make up (its pretty pricey so try to not waste it!) and it feels really smooth on my face, it covers my pours on my t-section really well.
I love Benefit packaging! Its real treat make-up, every girl should have a peice of benefit in their make up bag.
I apologise for the poor picture, but you can see its foundation coloured, thick and this was only a small blob, it rubs in easy. Definatly worth a buy if you have pores!
Thanks for reading!

MissLaurenLoves xx

Saturday, 17 December 2011

December Glossybox!

Okay, so, haven't been on here in a while, i do apologise. Work has quiet literally taken over my life!
Moving on..
As soon as i open a glossybox, investigate each item i am in excitemeant for the next one already, and Decembers box did not disappoint! In Novembers box there was alot of disappointment and i can understand why, i had so many little perfume testers i couldn't remember where i put them all, i never use them as i like to spray loads on and i ended up giving some of them to my friend. You can clearly see in this months box they have taken all the comments on board and improved the box tons. As i ripped open the postage box to my surprise the usual dusty pink signature box was replaced by a more shiny red box for the festive season (at this point i turn into the mental state of a 5 year old on Christmas morning) as i fling the cards to one side, pull open the ribbon and rip open the tissue paper.

The first thing that catches my eye is a Rituals foaming shower gel. We have a rituals shop in Cambridge, well i don't think its there anymore actually, but anyway, Ive always heard good things about there stuff, and working in a shop in Cambridge as well they would sometimes pop in some samples to us which were Divine. The sent i recieved was the Fujiyama, which to be honest, confuses my brain, but its mandarin and mint. It smells lovely, minty with a hint of fruit orange-ness. It says on the card 'this unique foaming shower gel gently cleanses your skin and leaves it silky soft and smooth' To buy this full size is £6.50. Ive seen on other reviews that some people got rose sented ones, what one did you get?
Then i noticed the full size black box in the coner. Blink + go mascara. Ive never herd of this company before and never seen it in any shops. I had a little sneaky look on the website and it looks like they do more false eyelashes, mascaras and eyeshadows. The full size of this mascara is £14.99 so immediatly made back all the money i spent on the glossybox!
I love a good mascara, who doesnt? But embrassingly enough to admit it, i like the big old chunky brushes and the thick formula, i like to have long and really thick lashes! The tube is heavy and the brush medium sized. I look forward to useing it!
I couldnt belive my eyes when i saw a glitter nail varnish, this is right up my street! On my previous post i was gushing how much i loved a christmas glitter and there it was, sitting, waiting for me in my glossy box! Its by Deborah Lippmann and a full size one of these badboys is £16! I struggle to justify spending a tenner on a OPI let alone £16! The one i recieved, and what i think everyone recieved, was Razzle Dazzle. Which isnt included on the House of Fraser website to buy. Its a reddy, pinky glitter colour.
In the box it was included with a nail varnish stripper to go sachet, this states to clean all ten nails.
I wanted to paint my nails today with this new nail varnish, and my previous nail varnish was the OPI teenage dream, and all of us girls know its such a pain in the bum to get glitter off. So i thought considering these strippers to buy for a pack of 6 was £14 would work miricles. I thought wrong! I got as far as 2 and a half nails before the mitt was useless and had to resort back to my Co-op cheapy nail varnish remover. I would definatly wait til you didnt have glitter on to use this mitt.
The colour of the nail varnish is not as bright and glittery as i thought it would be on the bottle, like some glitter varnishes where you get about 6 specs of glitter and just a clear coat on your nails this was jam packed with glitter and colour, and i didnt have to resort in dabbing or blobbing on.
Okay, so yes my camera is a peice of rubbish but you get the jist of it. This colour is definatly perfect for the christmas party season! But for £16 a pot, i might not be investing in some until i win the lottery!
Then i spotted a Mememe box, ive herd of this brand, ive seen my friends stumble into work and applying their mememe eyeshadows in the early mornings. But ive never tried it before. What i recieved was seventh heaven, 'a luxurious moisturising facebase enriched with active nutrients and extracts to prime and nourish the skin' PERFECT i thought. I suffer with terrible dry skin, especially in the winter months.

This isnt a full size, but there is still alot on a pot, i opened it and tried a bit on my morning skin and only used a little bit that was blobbed on the lid. It smells lush, hints of orange, lemon and lime. It feels smooth and adds moisture instantly. I will definatly try this out before i hit my skin with make-up and see if it helps! I checked out the mememecosmetics website, and i genually want to buy everything!
Last but not least, the smallest thing in the box, a Cargo classic lip gloss. What looks like on the little picture, i recieved the darkest shade, which i wasnt thrilled about, i have thin lips and only suit nude or light colours, so this lipgloss might be heading my mums way. But either way, still looks a stunning colour!
This months glossybox has been best one yet. I was chuffed to peices with what i recieved and you can see they went into alot of thought to pick all the products for this months box. Thankyou Glossybox!
Did you like your glossybox? What did you get?
Thanks for reading!

MissLaurenLoves xx

Sunday, 4 December 2011

OPI Katy Perry Teenage Dream review!

With the rain trickling down my window and Dermot O'Leary gracing my televison screen theres not much i could do on a night like this, but, when does anybody do anything on a Sunday evening?
My day, well, ive been at work all day, which is a pretty standard Sunday. With all the fairisle jumpers cramming the shelfs and the fake snow in the window it definatly feels like christmas is looming. As i look on my christmas gifts of things to get, i notice a massive list of varnishes my sister Zoe has requested.
Opi, opi, opi, opi my sister has expensive taste. I know all of them except one, its Teenage Dream from the Katy Perry collection which suprisingly i have never seen..

I immediatly look on the opi website, its such a shame you cant buy from the website because i struggled so had to find a place to buy them. In the end, i had to settle for ebay, and for a slightly higher price, brought 2 together though so saved a little on postage! Worth every penny. The colour is beautiful, baby pink tones with intense glitter. 2 coats of this is all you need and the colour is true to its bottle.
I apologise for the terrible quality of the photos, but you probally get the gist. This was just with 2 (thick-ish) coats!

I love this colour, and it lasts forever, i finish mine off with a coat of top coat for ultimate shine and for ultimate protection. Theres a beautiful blue version of this called Last Friday Night, its definatly next on my list!

(P.s, my sister does in fact know i have purchased this for her as she got it out of me! So no suprises spoilt!)

Miss Lauren Loves xx

Saturday, 3 December 2011

OPI Muppet Collection Divine Swine!

Theres something about christmas time that makes me want to go glitter mad, and with the new release of the OPI muppet collection, i knew i had to get involved. I googled and youtube'd the polishes first, as i knew sometimes intense glitter can go on really thin and look really naff but i hoped as OPI is a high price polish this shouldnt be the case. I got mixed reviews, some said it went on thin, some said thick. I have glitter polishes from lower end brands and knew when applied i either had to dab, or put on very thickly. I loved the colours so much i had to buy one, i couldnt wait for the post to come so in my city of Cambridge i knew i had seen a really small opi section in John Lewis.
Well, it was such a small section, but i noticed the glitter sparkiling in the light from a distance. They only had a few of the collection, the rainbow connection, a blue one, a dark red one, and divine swine. Of course i wanted to buy as many as my bank would allow, but i thought since its a high price i would buy one and see how i would get on. I waited eagerly to finish work and arrive home, i took off my old chipped Barry M, filed, base coated and started to apply..
At first i put a thin layer on, as you would expect with glitter, its thin and the more you stroke, the more you whipe off. So i started to blob on and move the glitter around, it seemed to work. The end result was pretty thick, but the glitter was so instense. I dont think ive ever had so many compliements of my nails before.
My camera is pretty rubbish i know, but this was with flash on as it was dark outside when i took the picture. It looks really purple, its not this much purple in daylight, but its not far off.
If you like glitter, you would love this collection. Perfect for christmassy nails!!

Ive done my research and cant find this product any lower then £10.50. This is probally because its a new collection. Thanks for reading my little lovlies!

Miss Lauren Loves xx

Thursday, 1 December 2011

HD Brows Review!

So, one of my first glossy box's i received, i was surprised to get a full size HD Brows kit! I was so chuffed, because i am a serial plucker, a stray hair and it must be gone and i have noticed my eyebrows have defiantly been looking a bit scarce in the current months, ive been looking for a great eyebrow pencil/gel/powder that will really give my eyebrows some definition. Ive been useing this product everyday for a couple months, and its amazing!! I know differnt people who recieved glossybox had either the Foxy, Vamp or Bombshell palette. I recieved the foxy palette which were a perfect match for my eyebrows.
There are four shades in the palette, top left- Nude, top right- Carbon, bottom left-Warm brown, bottom right- Ash brown.
On a day to day basis i use Ash brown, but if im going out and want a darker brow i use a small amount of Carbon or Warm brown.
Left to right- Nude, Carbon, Warm brown and Ash brown. As you can see the nude shade is barely there, i would use this shade under my eyebrow, to add shade and definition to the eyebrow bone. You can also use these shades as eyeshadow for a perect brown smokey eye! So if there is a shade that doesnt suit your eyebrows, it wont be wasted!
You can buy this palette from for around £16-£19.

Have you got any great eyebrow products? Let me know!

Miss Lauren Loves xx

My New Shoes!

Hello you lovely people! Just come onto my new blog to find that i have 9 followers! I am so chuffed! Hopefully one day my blog will be as good as all of yours!
Now i love an Internet shop, first thing i do when i receive my monthly wadges is check out all the online shops for any bargin's and deals. Now all of you should be aware of  the growing website, i love this website, its cheap, on trend and reliable, Ive brought a couple things before from the website and thought ild have another look (as a girl can never have enough shoes, clothes and accessorises!).
So on a Sunday morning, my wages fresh in my bank, my duvet covering my entire body, my laptop perched on my tummy and a hot mug of tea steaming on my bedside table i was drawn to boohoo to scource out something ild love.
I have a look and already a long sleeve body con dress has already enterd my basket, may i add a complete bargin at just £12! I love these dresses, there so comfy but warm and you know they will wash well. Ive already worn this dress out and ive also worn it with jeans for a casual day out. I would post pictures of this but currently in the wash!
Now i love a good wedge, high, small, all of them! And this pair in particular caught my eye. There called 'lottie ankle strap peeptoe wedge' and at a reasonable price of £30. I read the reviews and all were 5 stars out of 5, i had to have them! I put them in my basket and waited eagerly for them to arrive on my doorstep.
Now, im not short, im probally around 5'ft7, and if someone had told me to wear these shoes a year ago i would of refused, i was so concious about my height and how tall i would be wearing massive wedges like these, but after seeing my tall friends strut their stuff in beautiful shoes ive learnt to love my tall legs and learnt not to feel concious about it!
These shoes are suprisingly comfy, there peeptoe and a strap for extra hold so you can dance the night away without a worry! The only thing i have to say about these shoes are that the buckle are right on your ankle bone, so it can be a little uncomfortable, but after a few drinks and a few boogies, youll be fine!

Shoes -
Dress -
Leggings- New Look £9.99

Thanks for reading, happy shopping!

Miss Lauren Loves xx

Benefit Cha Cha tint Review!

Hello girlie's! Now, i don't know about you but in my opinion every single girl should have at least 1 piece of Benefit in there make-up bag. I however, have about 10. I love Benefit, i love their products, their style and their humour.
Benefit is famous for natural but glamorous look, whereas company's such as M.A.C and Illamasqua go for a more out there designs and out of the ordinary looks. I find myself drawn to more eye shadows, mascaras and skincare with Benefit and buy more of my foundations, concealers, powders with M.A.C. I find the M.A.C foundations are more thicker then Benefit, and on my skin i have alot of freckles, pimples and very dark under eye area, and these cover them more, in my opinion. Does anybody else have dark under eye circles, what do you use?
Anyway, back to the Cha Cha! It seems everywhere now has created tints for lips and cheeks, with the newest one being that of  Maybelline colour sensational lipstain, but from what i can remember, i saw my first lip tint from Benefit with their famous Bene-tint. Bene-tint is a red tint for lips and cheeks, they also have Posie tint, a poppy-pink tint for lips and cheeks and the one i have, Cha Cha tint, which is a mango-tinted lip and cheek stain.
Im not big on lipstick, i dont like the thought of it smudging and for my thin lips, its hard to pick the right colour. So a tint is perfect, you can hardly feel it on and you dont have to worry about it going over your pearly whies, or smudging over your face.
I love the packaging, its differnt and eye-catching. The bottle is small, but you litterally only need a very small amount to achieve desired look.
As you can see, the tint itself is very orange-peachy coloured and looks faily thick, this is before i have rubbed it into my skin. To apply, it reccomends 'Brush three strokes on the apple of your cheek and blend quickly with fingertip' Now i understand why it says qwickly now because, as i was trying this out on my hand i left it on for a couple minuites to take photos, tryed to rub it in and it had already heavily pigmented my skin where i had left it! Still looked an amazing colour though! For the lips 'Dab on lips & blend. For an extra splash of color, repeat!' This entirely depends on how strong you want the colour to be, the great thing about this tint is that you can have it just a suttle colour or you could go all out for really mango lips! This tint lasts for hours! This is what it looked like when i rubbed it in:
I find with this tint that its a very summer look, this would look great with a touch of bronzer sweeped accross it. But i definatly wont be hiding this away for the winter months!
You can buy all the benefit tints from online or instore. This tint retails at £24.50, a definate beauty must have for non-lipstick wearers!
Have you tried any of the tints, whats your favorite?
Tata for now!

Miss Lauren Loves xx

Nail rock designer nail wraps swatch!

Hello there! So, today my day so far has been pretty standard. My day usually consists of at some point working, i work in retail in the historical city of Cambridge.With the city alive with Christmas shoppers and market sellers selling it got me thinking. Where on earth is my glossy box? For those of you who dont know what a glossy box is, tut tut, its a monthly subscribsion you pay £12.95 for a beautifully wrapped beauty package of 5 samples of the latest beauty products. I have been subscbribed to glossybox for 4 months now, and i dont know about you, but as soon as i see that brown and pink spotty box arrive on my doorstep, i become quiet excited.
So as i trotted along home, my thoughts focused mainly on how and when am i going to get my glossbox, and to my suprise as i opened the front door the first sight i saw was the brown and pink spotty box in my kitchen with my name on the front ready to be opened.
As i opened the pink box and the black tissue paper the first thing that caught my eye were the Nail rock designer nail wraps. I have never used these before but seen them in Topshop, Asos, Missguided for around £6.  So already by 1 product i have made back half of the money i spent on glossybox.
To my suprise i had recieved the black and white stripey wraps, i had seen on youtube/blogs that some people got lepoard print, some got spotty ones and some got stripes. I would of quiet liked the spotty ones but was still pretty chuffed with my design.
I have never used the nail wraps before so was quiet keen to try them.
 It says on the instructions to firstly buff the nails to take the shine away, wipe with acetone (which i dont have) so i used nail varnish remover as nail varnish remover's main component is acetone. It told me then to select the correct size wrap and place on the finger, then when it was stuck to file away the edge. Now, im not a expert in this but every single wrap i smoothed over my finger i got left with air bubbles and lumps in the wrap which would not go, but i found the filing and removing of the excess wrap quiet easy. This is my final result:
Sorry the picture qwality is terrible! As you can see the final result is totally awsome nails! What wraps did you get in your glossbox? Did you find them easy to apply or did you have the same difficultys as me?
Thanks for reading lovlies!

Miss Lauren Loves xx