Thursday, 1 December 2011

Benefit Cha Cha tint Review!

Hello girlie's! Now, i don't know about you but in my opinion every single girl should have at least 1 piece of Benefit in there make-up bag. I however, have about 10. I love Benefit, i love their products, their style and their humour.
Benefit is famous for natural but glamorous look, whereas company's such as M.A.C and Illamasqua go for a more out there designs and out of the ordinary looks. I find myself drawn to more eye shadows, mascaras and skincare with Benefit and buy more of my foundations, concealers, powders with M.A.C. I find the M.A.C foundations are more thicker then Benefit, and on my skin i have alot of freckles, pimples and very dark under eye area, and these cover them more, in my opinion. Does anybody else have dark under eye circles, what do you use?
Anyway, back to the Cha Cha! It seems everywhere now has created tints for lips and cheeks, with the newest one being that of  Maybelline colour sensational lipstain, but from what i can remember, i saw my first lip tint from Benefit with their famous Bene-tint. Bene-tint is a red tint for lips and cheeks, they also have Posie tint, a poppy-pink tint for lips and cheeks and the one i have, Cha Cha tint, which is a mango-tinted lip and cheek stain.
Im not big on lipstick, i dont like the thought of it smudging and for my thin lips, its hard to pick the right colour. So a tint is perfect, you can hardly feel it on and you dont have to worry about it going over your pearly whies, or smudging over your face.
I love the packaging, its differnt and eye-catching. The bottle is small, but you litterally only need a very small amount to achieve desired look.
As you can see, the tint itself is very orange-peachy coloured and looks faily thick, this is before i have rubbed it into my skin. To apply, it reccomends 'Brush three strokes on the apple of your cheek and blend quickly with fingertip' Now i understand why it says qwickly now because, as i was trying this out on my hand i left it on for a couple minuites to take photos, tryed to rub it in and it had already heavily pigmented my skin where i had left it! Still looked an amazing colour though! For the lips 'Dab on lips & blend. For an extra splash of color, repeat!' This entirely depends on how strong you want the colour to be, the great thing about this tint is that you can have it just a suttle colour or you could go all out for really mango lips! This tint lasts for hours! This is what it looked like when i rubbed it in:
I find with this tint that its a very summer look, this would look great with a touch of bronzer sweeped accross it. But i definatly wont be hiding this away for the winter months!
You can buy all the benefit tints from online or instore. This tint retails at £24.50, a definate beauty must have for non-lipstick wearers!
Have you tried any of the tints, whats your favorite?
Tata for now!

Miss Lauren Loves xx


  1. This is the only Benefit tint that i haven't tried, really need to though, the colour looks gorgeous!

  2. I havent tried any of the others! What they like? x

  3. They're really great, Posietint is a lovely subtle pink colour!