Sunday, 4 December 2011

OPI Katy Perry Teenage Dream review!

With the rain trickling down my window and Dermot O'Leary gracing my televison screen theres not much i could do on a night like this, but, when does anybody do anything on a Sunday evening?
My day, well, ive been at work all day, which is a pretty standard Sunday. With all the fairisle jumpers cramming the shelfs and the fake snow in the window it definatly feels like christmas is looming. As i look on my christmas gifts of things to get, i notice a massive list of varnishes my sister Zoe has requested.
Opi, opi, opi, opi my sister has expensive taste. I know all of them except one, its Teenage Dream from the Katy Perry collection which suprisingly i have never seen..

I immediatly look on the opi website, its such a shame you cant buy from the website because i struggled so had to find a place to buy them. In the end, i had to settle for ebay, and for a slightly higher price, brought 2 together though so saved a little on postage! Worth every penny. The colour is beautiful, baby pink tones with intense glitter. 2 coats of this is all you need and the colour is true to its bottle.
I apologise for the terrible quality of the photos, but you probally get the gist. This was just with 2 (thick-ish) coats!

I love this colour, and it lasts forever, i finish mine off with a coat of top coat for ultimate shine and for ultimate protection. Theres a beautiful blue version of this called Last Friday Night, its definatly next on my list!

(P.s, my sister does in fact know i have purchased this for her as she got it out of me! So no suprises spoilt!)

Miss Lauren Loves xx

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  1. As if my love for Katy Perry isn't enough already... ♥_♥

    I MUST get my hands (or nails LOL) on this...omg BEAUTIFUL! ♥