Saturday, 3 December 2011

OPI Muppet Collection Divine Swine!

Theres something about christmas time that makes me want to go glitter mad, and with the new release of the OPI muppet collection, i knew i had to get involved. I googled and youtube'd the polishes first, as i knew sometimes intense glitter can go on really thin and look really naff but i hoped as OPI is a high price polish this shouldnt be the case. I got mixed reviews, some said it went on thin, some said thick. I have glitter polishes from lower end brands and knew when applied i either had to dab, or put on very thickly. I loved the colours so much i had to buy one, i couldnt wait for the post to come so in my city of Cambridge i knew i had seen a really small opi section in John Lewis.
Well, it was such a small section, but i noticed the glitter sparkiling in the light from a distance. They only had a few of the collection, the rainbow connection, a blue one, a dark red one, and divine swine. Of course i wanted to buy as many as my bank would allow, but i thought since its a high price i would buy one and see how i would get on. I waited eagerly to finish work and arrive home, i took off my old chipped Barry M, filed, base coated and started to apply..
At first i put a thin layer on, as you would expect with glitter, its thin and the more you stroke, the more you whipe off. So i started to blob on and move the glitter around, it seemed to work. The end result was pretty thick, but the glitter was so instense. I dont think ive ever had so many compliements of my nails before.
My camera is pretty rubbish i know, but this was with flash on as it was dark outside when i took the picture. It looks really purple, its not this much purple in daylight, but its not far off.
If you like glitter, you would love this collection. Perfect for christmassy nails!!

Ive done my research and cant find this product any lower then £10.50. This is probally because its a new collection. Thanks for reading my little lovlies!

Miss Lauren Loves xx

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