Thursday, 1 December 2011

My New Shoes!

Hello you lovely people! Just come onto my new blog to find that i have 9 followers! I am so chuffed! Hopefully one day my blog will be as good as all of yours!
Now i love an Internet shop, first thing i do when i receive my monthly wadges is check out all the online shops for any bargin's and deals. Now all of you should be aware of  the growing website, i love this website, its cheap, on trend and reliable, Ive brought a couple things before from the website and thought ild have another look (as a girl can never have enough shoes, clothes and accessorises!).
So on a Sunday morning, my wages fresh in my bank, my duvet covering my entire body, my laptop perched on my tummy and a hot mug of tea steaming on my bedside table i was drawn to boohoo to scource out something ild love.
I have a look and already a long sleeve body con dress has already enterd my basket, may i add a complete bargin at just £12! I love these dresses, there so comfy but warm and you know they will wash well. Ive already worn this dress out and ive also worn it with jeans for a casual day out. I would post pictures of this but currently in the wash!
Now i love a good wedge, high, small, all of them! And this pair in particular caught my eye. There called 'lottie ankle strap peeptoe wedge' and at a reasonable price of £30. I read the reviews and all were 5 stars out of 5, i had to have them! I put them in my basket and waited eagerly for them to arrive on my doorstep.
Now, im not short, im probally around 5'ft7, and if someone had told me to wear these shoes a year ago i would of refused, i was so concious about my height and how tall i would be wearing massive wedges like these, but after seeing my tall friends strut their stuff in beautiful shoes ive learnt to love my tall legs and learnt not to feel concious about it!
These shoes are suprisingly comfy, there peeptoe and a strap for extra hold so you can dance the night away without a worry! The only thing i have to say about these shoes are that the buckle are right on your ankle bone, so it can be a little uncomfortable, but after a few drinks and a few boogies, youll be fine!

Shoes -
Dress -
Leggings- New Look £9.99

Thanks for reading, happy shopping!

Miss Lauren Loves xx

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