Friday, 9 March 2012

Opi Heart to resist!

Oh my god, thats all i can say. Im in love, complete love. This has got to be the best thing i have brought in a very long time. So much so, i have brought the exact same thing in blue (post coming soon when it arrives in the post!).
 May i introduce you ladies, to Opi's grand masterpeice that is 'Heart to resist'.
Its a clear polish, with flecks of glitter and small hearts. Im in love. 
Im guessing this was part of Opi's seasonal ranges, but it was really hard to find. But when Lauren sees something she likes, she has to have it.
I teamed mine up with Blue Moon by Barry M. 
I must admit, it was a challenge in itself just to try and get the hearts on the brush and onto my nail, but what do you think? I absolutly love it, and am tempted to buy another for when this one runs out! 

MissLaurenLoves xx


  1. That polish looks amazing! I love the base colour you've chosen. I'm now following your blog!


  2. This is gorgeous, its very Queen of Hearts! x

  3. I've got to get this, it looks amazing!! xx

  4. its stunning isnt it girlies! Thanks for your comments :-) xx

  5. Why didn't I know this existed! Off to search!
    PS I'm your 100th follower!x