Tuesday, 10 January 2012

MUA Out There! Lip Plumping Gloss!

I love a good lipgloss. Especially if its plumping because i dont have the plumpest of lips (i wish i did!) so anything thats going to help the situation is always good in my books. A couple years ago a trotted off to the local boots and purchased a tube of the Sexy Mother Pucker. The tingling and stining in this was just too much, and i found the formula to be so thick and gloopy and sticky it put me off glosses for a while (dont get me wrong, most of my friends love it, just my personal choice) so when i got these and saw they were lip plumping i thought that they would be the same problem as the soap and glory one. However, the tingle in this is a comfortable tingle, and i was pleasntly suprised.
Top to bottom- Nude, Peach Shimmer and Candy Pink.
        Without Flash- L-R- Candy Pink, Nude And Peach Shimmer.

With Flash L-R- Pink Candy, Nude and Peach Shimmer.

I actully love all of the colours, the peach shimmer will be amazing in summer! And for the bargin price of £2 per lip gloss, can you really go wrong?
You can buy these and more colours from Superdrug.

MissLaurenLoves xx

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  1. These looks lovely, my fave is peach shimmer. :)