Monday, 16 January 2012

Benefit There real! Mascara and Magic ink eyeliner!

As you all know, im a self confessed Benefit-aholic. And im not afraid to say it. Ive got a growing collection of products and i was lucky enough for christmas to be given the 'There Real! mascara (this is a replacement for the one im currently useing, its lasted me ages!) and 'Magic Ink' liquid eyeliner (my mum knows me too well, as if you know me well enough you will know i never leave the house without liquid eyeliner!). Ive been using the 'There Real!' mascara for a couple months now, im fully converted. I was defiantly intrigued to use it after the rave reviews and statistics on the front packaging. I have so many mascaras that ive tried and tested, but none have taken my heart. Until, i trotted along Bond Street and headed towards the Benefit make up counter in Debenhams. With my Mum in tow i decided to make the purchase, as for £18.50 is not a cheap purchase and is worrying then spending that on something you've never used before.
As with any Benefit the packaging is witty and eye catching.
The brush is amazing, staggered bristles to get close to the root, and extras bristles on the top for extra lengthening!
I'm a sucker for liquid eyeliner, and it takes a certain type of formula and certain type of brush to keep me interested. I use it everyday of my life, so it needs to be just what i need. Ive needed a new eyeliner for a long time now, i was previously useing Bojours Ultra Black (or something) eyeliner before and insted of a pen it has a thin brush, i can use them the best. I had seen this about before and always wanted to try it, and to my suprise, there it was, under the christmas tree waiting to be used.
As you can see, the brush is thin and it perfect for creating neat lines and flicks.
I only have two coats of mascara on, so i could imagine the length with more on! And when i had taken this picture (sounds gross) but i have had this make up on ALL day, so from application around 7am, and photo taking around 8pm, i think its lasted pretty well. The eyeliner is amazing, i make many a mistake and with this formula you can just slightly stratch it off and it wont ruin the rest of your make up - a god send!
If you like liquid eyeliner, i would definatly recomend this, and this is such a good mascara i would recomend it to anyone. 

Thanks for reading!
MissLaurenLoves xx


  1. This mascara looks lush ! And your eyes are so nice really :) The eyeliner looks really good and black but I can't put it on with small brushes like this I like to have my own brush to apply it on ! Thank you for the reviews

    Lisa xx

  2. Aw thankyou so much! The mascara is amazing! xx

  3. I got the mascara for christmas too! And it really is incredible :)