Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Opi Nicki Minaj Minis!

This big Opi spend up has not been good for my bank balance, but for beautiful nails, i think i can justify. Ive recently brought the Nicki minaj mini collection, purely for the fact that i loved them all i didn't know which full size one to pick, so decided ill get 4 in mini form! The colours are literally like nothing ive ever seen before. I love each one.
The 4 bottles are very small, only enough for about 10 applications. But for £12 it was well worth the spend.

 First up is Did it on 'em, and its a green and yellow shade. Its actually like nothing ive ever seen before and i was actually pleasantly surprised when i saw it on my nails because this isn't a shade i would usually go for, but it looks so nice on!
This was taken without flash, i applied two coats but i reckon a third one is needed as i still had a few thin patches. 
This was with flash on, looks almost yellow florescent, but its defiantly darker then this in non-flash real life.

Next up is Fly. And i reckon this is probably my favourite shade. Its a bright sky blue and looks fab on.
This is without flash, isnt it beautiful?
This photo is with flash on, and this is defiantly the shade that it looks like in daylight. My fingers look so wrinkly.

3rd shade is Pink Friday. Ive got alot of baby pinks, and alot simular to this, but its nice to have a new one once in a while.
This picture is without flash, this was with 2 coats and i definatly need to put another one on as you can see thin bits. 
This picture is with flash on and it is such a nice pink. This reminds me of Niki minajs' pink lips that she always has.

Lastly is a mini verson of Metallic 4 life. This is a black/grey base with little specks of glitter and shimmer, its actully soo pretty. 
This photo is without flash as this picture is definatly how it comes out. Ah beautiful!

Which one is your favorite, i couldnt pick, i love them all!
Thanks for reading. Lots of love. 
MissLaurenLoves xx


  1. I love fly, but there all really pretty :)


  2. I love the all! Great blog, so I'm a new follower =)

  3. I need this in my life! I don't have any OPI yet but it's on my lust list!