Monday, 23 January 2012

New Ring Love.

Okay so, one of my good friends has the YSL ring that pretty much everyone has, or wants, and i was one of them, unfortunartly the one that wants one! I couldnt justify spending that much on a ring, especially since my Tiffany ring only cost £100 (i wear this one everyday!) and the most i would probally wear on a fashion ring (one ild wear on the odd occasion) would be about £20 at the most! So to my absolute joy and happiness i was pottering around the city and decided ild have a look in my local Accsessorize and i found a very and i mean very simular copy of the YSL ring, for a mere £12, one left in a size too big for me, but what the heck, i had to buy it!
How beautiful is this! The emmerald green stone in the base and a stunning gold design on the top. Eep it makes me excited to wear it just by looking at it!
Just to add, on my nails is Teenage Dream, part of the Katy Perry collection for OPI. Amazing colour isnt it?
You can buy this ring from Accsessorize for £12, such a must for any ring lover!
Thanks for reading!
MissLaurenLoves xx

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