Saturday, 7 January 2012

Im in love..with Vivenne Westwood.

Ive not useually been a big fan of Vivenne Westwood, my sister has a few bits of hers and i never thought ild be converted, but on a recent trip to Bicester village (which is mostly designer outlet shops) i came across this bag and HAD to have it! Its beautiful, big and differnt then anything ive seen before.
Im officially in love, its quiet a hard colour to style up, so im definatly going to have to find some clothes to wear it with! I love it so such i had to share it with all of you. What do you think? Do you have anything Vivenne Westwood?

MissLaurenLoves xx


  1. Stunning bag - use the green to colour-block an outfit! :)

  2. Ah perfect tip! Thanks Alex! x