Friday, 27 January 2012

Versatile Blogger award!

Having a lazy day in my pjs relaxing as i have been a bit poorly this week and this has cheered me right up! Nichole from writes the most amazing blog and she has just awarded me the versatile blogger award! Still quiet new to this so i have been checking other peoples awarded posts and looks like i have to share some facts about myself with you lovely readers. Here it goes...
1. I have an addiction to anything glitter. Like obsession.
2. You may laugh, but i think i have a fear of baked beans, even just thinking about them makes me feel abit ill. Definatly some child trauma there.
3. My sister writes an amazing blog, and is definatly my inspiration.
4. I started writing because i loved reading blogs for years, and thought it was time i joined this great way to share my obsession and to meet new people who like the same things as me. I havent looked back!
5. I love police shows.
6. For a qwalified hairdresser, ive had plenty of hair disasters in my time.
7. I used to have a goldfish called fatty (RIP).
8. I own a harrods store card. (Not good).

And now i have to share my favorite blogs who i think deserve this award...

Sunny at
Ashleigh at
Hollie at
Alex at
Nichole at
Samantha at
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Those are my favorite blogs ever :) Thankyou so much for my award Nichole!
Lots of love to my lovely readers.
MissLaurenLoves xx