Tuesday, 10 January 2012

MUA Eyeshadow Haul!

Okay, what your about to whitness is quiet embarrassing. Yes, i admit it. Im a make up junkie. And my collection of JUST MUA palettes will prove this, this isnt even my whole collection of eyeshadows, i have more (which for obvious reasons wont be showing as you might think im a bit mad), your probably thinking, does she even use all these? And no, not all at the same minute, but, and theres a big but, i WILL use all these. It just might take me a while.
Okay, so if youve never herd of the brand MUA, it stand for Make-up Academy and can be nabbed up from Superdrug for ridiculously cheap prices. So in my defence, not much was spent here.

First up, the Immaculate Collection, instead of the usual 12 colour palette this has a staggering 24 beautiful colours to choose from. This is a total mix of matte and shimmery shades and comes with a 4 side applicator brush, i aready have amazing eyeshadow brushes, so will probally just stick to useing my own brushes.

 These two palettes are (on the top) Palette in Starry Night, and on the bottom is Palette in Glamour Days. Starry night is more pinks and silvers and Glamour days is more pinks and browns. Again each palette comes with a applicator brush which come in handy if i dont have anything else to apply with!

These next two palettes are (top) Glamour Nights and bottom is Heaven and Earth. Galmour nights is obviously a more dareing version of Glamour Days (See above picture). Some of these shades are so bold, espeically the bright pink and purple, but would be fab in the corner of the eyes. I have the urban decay pen formula where it comes in a pot with a brush, and if you swipe the brush over any eyeshadow you want it turns into liquid eyeliner, and i love to use this on bright eyeshadows just in the corner of my eye for a dash of colour to pop the eye open. Heaven and Earth palette is perfect for brown smokey eye and perfect for a subtle eye look or heavy for a beautiful brown eye look.

Lastly on the palette front, ive got the palette in Pretty Pastels, and yep youve guessed it, its all pastel colours that are perfect for summer. Its all very light shimmery shades that will be perfect for a bright eye look.

These two are trio eyeshadows, the left is Innocence and on the right is Pink Sorbet. These are three shades that can all be used in one look. On the back it gives you instructions on how to use the shadows for a fab look. 1. Define and line with the darkest shade. (use in the outer corner) 2. Blend and shadow with the middle shade (sweep over the whole eyelid) and 3. Highlight with the lightest shade (sweep at the top of the eye, over the eyebrow bone and in corner of the eye).

Do you have any MUA palettes and if so, which ones?
You can buy these shadows from £2.50 to £8 which isnt that bad at all!

MissLaurenLoves xx


  1. I love the glamour days colours. Great blog!

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  2. I love these eyeshadows, they are so cute and sparkly!