Sunday, 15 January 2012

Spa Day!

With all the stresses of daily life and the depression of Christmas over me and one of my best friends decided we would treat ourselves to a spa day. The spa, was Aqua Sana in our closest report of Centerparcs in Elveden near Newmarket. Our family goes to Centerparcs every year so this was not a new experience for me but never been for a spa day. You can go from 9am and leave by 6pm so they give you plenty of time to unwind and chill out.
This is a shot of the main area where the shops, sports plaza and resturants were.

As we booked a spa day for two for the price of £100 (£50 each), this included drinks and food. So, as we enterd we headed over to the Zilli cafe inside the spa for breckfast we scoffed down pastrys and scones and as it was chilly outside we started our day off with a hot chocolate. The spa itself has an orray of saunas, steam rooms, relaxation rooms and waterbeds. As we took off our fluffy robes we headed to a indian blossom steam room, which is the best one there, it smells of sherbet lemons and isnt too hot, but hot enough! I could of sat in there all day.
Another shot of the main area, so beautiful!

As we headed over back to the cafe for lunch, we dined on fresh orange juice and a chicken pinnini. We didnt stay til 6pm as we had to head back to Cambridge, but we felt like we had enough time. The spa itself is so relaxing and it was such a nice treat to spend the day with one of my best friends. We both had such a giggle and a lovely day. 
The entrance to the spa.

As you enterd the spa there is a shop to buy all the best skincare and make up. I could of brought everything!
Every girls idea of heaven!
Thanks for reading, enjoy your Sunday!
MissLaurenLoves xx

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