Friday, 30 March 2012

Nicole By OPI, Rainbow In The S-Kylie!

Uh oh! New love alert. I was in love with the Muppet collection 'Rainbow Connection' and i was completely gutted when i couldn't get hold of it, but then i spotted a uncanny dupe in the form of a differnt OPI. Had to be brought! I ended up getting this from ASOS, and yes, i did buy 3, not all for me!
This polish is part of the Kardashian Kolor range and is quite simply rainbow glitter, all different sizes, in a clear based polish. Isnt it beautiful!
Now with glitters, and different formula's its hard to estimate how thick its going to be, hows the glitter going to come out with one coat etc, so i thought ild try it on its own first, and see how it would go on.
 This is with a couple pretty thick coats, and i think it just looks amazing. Like literally nothing I've ever seen on my nails before! I like it like this, but i really wanted a differnt base colour, something to make it stand out even more, and im a sucker for a bit of pink so i thought ild team this beaut up with my favorite pink at the moment which is MUA in shade 16.
Quiet a cute couple, dont you think ;).
Without flash, sorry its a bit of a naff photo! This is mainly to show you the glitter.
With flash, the glitter looks a bit funny, but i wanted to show you the pink, this is my favourite pink at the moment!

I absolutely love this polish, my new found love, and i brought one for my friend and i cant wait to give it to her tomorrow! I also brought one for a cheeky little giveaway I'm planning for pretty soon, so please keep your eyes peeled, as i all want you to enter!

Lots of love.

MissLaurenLoves xx

OPI Katy Perry Last Friday Night!

Okay so, on my little spendout i brought my last piece from the Katy Perry collection, which is pretty much a blue version of Teenage Dream and its called Last Friday Night, i LOVE it!!
Also like teenage dream, its glitter, so if your just going to use this alone it will take a good few coats.
This is it with a couple coats, i do like it but i defiantly think it will look better with a base colour underneath, if you like a subtle hint of glitter though, this would be perfect!
I decided to match mine up with MUA love heart collection in 'U Rok!', which is a very parma-violet colour.
Heres the two together, what do you think? I also brought Zoya in Breezi (post coming soon) and reckon it will look great over that. 

MissLaurenLoves xx

OPI Katy Perry The One That Got Away!

Okay, so you all know how much i rave about Teenage Dream, which is also part of the Katy Perry collection, well i have now extended my purchases to two more of the collection, and this was including 'The One That Got Away', ive loved this since i first saw it, but they are very find and when found, way to expensive. I managed to get hold of this for only £7.99, bargin!!
I love this, though i find it very simular to Meep Meep Meep, a varnish that was part of the Muppet collection. 
Its a deep red/pink shade with shimmer. 

I do really like it, but not as much as Teenage Dream, i even brought a 2nd Teenage Dream from the same website as it was the cheapest i saw it at £9.99, and my one at the minuite is nearly all gone (and thats a first!).

Let me know if you like it!

MissLaurenLoves xx

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Nicole by Opi, Honey, dew you love me?

So, after my 'heart to resist' by OPI post i did the other week, i mentioned that i had brought pretty much the same thing, but in blue, and after a few days of waiting for the postman to arrive and my dissapointed face when it didnt arrive, it finally came. And oh its a beaut. 
Its a clear based polish, with blue hearts and silver flecks of glitter.
I paired mine up with MUA polish in shade 16, which is a beautiful pink shade. 
 Ahh, im so in love, i cant wait to try it with all differnt polishes! 
What do you think? 

MissLaurenLoves xx

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Nicole by Opi, a million sparkles!

As i was on one of my favorite beauty websites, i stumbled across a sign saying they had the new Nicole by OPI varnishes available, and knowing they had a polish i wanted (but they only had it in America) i clicked on it straight away, i spotted this colour immediatly and HAD, yes as a matter of urgancy, to get it. Its called 'A Million Sparkles', and the name does not lie.
Its blue glitter with gold specks of glitter and red shreds of glitter. On, this reminds me of Gone Gonzo, part of the muppet collection, but Gone Gonzo is much more tones of silver, but the blue is the same colour.
I teamed mine up with Rimmel London i love lasting finish in 'Azure' for the first two bottom coats, then applied 2 coats of  'A million sparkles'. 
What do you think? I love the differnt shapes of glitter!

MissLaurenLoves xx

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Benefit Sugarbomb Blush!

It was my birthday on Sunday, i hit the big two-O, and on my birthday i was spoilt rotten! And one of my favourite gifts was from my Mum and Dad and they got me a Benefit blush in Sugarbomb, its divine!
 I already have Dandelion so this was a welcome addition to my Benefit blush collection, i just love the pots they come in, and they come with a free brush!
 The shades are almost bronzing, with differnt shade of pink/brown shimmer.
Sorry my camera really struggled to pick this one up, but its stunning on, shimmery golden almost kind of shimmer. I cant wait to use it in the summer! 
You can almost see it, a shimmery line going down my hand. 
I am absolutly in love with this blush, but to be honest im in love with anything Benefit.

What do you think?
MissLaurenLoves xx

Monday, 19 March 2012

Opi Pedal Faster Suzi!

I love a good OPI, and as soon as i saw the new Holland Collection swatches i fell in love. Half are shimmers and half are creams. I fell in love with this shade, its called Pedal Faster Suzi! 
Its a baby pink shimmer, not translucent, but you would need a couple thick coats to get the best results.
What do you think? Do you have any of the Holland Collection? 

MissLaurenLoves xx

Glossybox, The Harrods Edition!

Okay so, i wasn't overly impressed with last months glossybox, hence no post about it but as i was sifting through other posts to have a cheeky nose to see what others recieved i was surprised to see everyone else got a little card saying something about a unexpected suprise in the next box, i wasnt thrilled mainly because i did not recieve this card in mine, and i was worried i wasnt going to get the suprise. Thankfully, it was for everyone and after a series of clues it was revealed that the next Glossybox would be a Harrods edition! 
And heres what was inside...
This box is amazing, and for the price we pay, we have been spoilt! 
The first thing that caught my eye was the Clarins Extra Firming Body Cream, and you know what girlies this will definatly come in good use. Not that my body needs extra firming (i did only turn 20 yesturday), but i could imagine this is super moisturising, and well, Clarins, this must be worth alot full size. 
Its thick, moisturising and smells lush.
The next thing that i spotted within the depths of Glossybox heaven was a middle(?) size Molton Brown, now if it wasnt for my mum i wouldnt of herd of this brand, she swears by the hand cream and it always smells beautiful and is so moisturising. So, i recieved the 'Heavenly Gingerlily moisture bath and shower' and at first i was a bit unsure as to weather ild like the smell of ginger or not, but it smells so good! Put it in my bath and it made my skin smell so good, and useully shower gels last a hour or so and the smell fades away, but this didnt.
This is a 50ml bottle compared to a useual full size 300ml. 
Next up, a tester size perfume of Narciso Rodriquez for her perfume, now i know Glossybox are known for putting in rubbish perfume samples (im afraid to say i have infact either lost or given mine away), but those were rubbish makes, and this is such a stunning smell.
This is only 1ml compared to a full size 50ml. 
The next thing i thought was another perfume tester, by this time im so excited i just rip open the box, and have to smell everything) and to my suprise i saw that it was a little lipstick! The packaging is a tartan print, in colour 'Rosewood' not necessarily a shade i would normally pick, but ill definatly give it a go.
Sorry its a bit of a naff photo, but i wanted to show you the tartan, so pretty! 
Its a shimmery brown with a hint of red.
And last but not least, i was so chuffed and excited to see a YSL forever youth liberator serum in the box. Ive never tried YSL before, purly for the price of it, for example the full price of this product is £80!, ive herd alot of good reviews of touche eclat, but never thought to buy it. This product is supposed to 'increase youthful activity in skin cells'. Ive been useing it for about a week now, and my skin just feels so amazing after applied.
This was a 5ml size, compared to a full size 50ml. 
Its a serum, and skins right in. Feels divine on the skin!

What did you all get in your Harrods Glossybox, i was very impressed! 

MissLaurenLoves xx

Friday, 9 March 2012

Opi Heart to resist!

Oh my god, thats all i can say. Im in love, complete love. This has got to be the best thing i have brought in a very long time. So much so, i have brought the exact same thing in blue (post coming soon when it arrives in the post!).
 May i introduce you ladies, to Opi's grand masterpeice that is 'Heart to resist'.
Its a clear polish, with flecks of glitter and small hearts. Im in love. 
Im guessing this was part of Opi's seasonal ranges, but it was really hard to find. But when Lauren sees something she likes, she has to have it.
I teamed mine up with Blue Moon by Barry M. 
I must admit, it was a challenge in itself just to try and get the hearts on the brush and onto my nail, but what do you think? I absolutly love it, and am tempted to buy another for when this one runs out! 

MissLaurenLoves xx

Opi Big Apple Red!

Everybody needs a red in their nail varnish collection, so i was very surprised that i didn't. To me red nails are a symbol of femininity, of women pin ups in the 50's, and the ultimate sex symbol. With red being one of the most traditional colours, i knew i had to invest in a good, sex symbol-Esq red.

Marilyn Monroe and Dita Von Teese work the red nail look.  
To me, red nails make me feel more of a woman, more lady-like and vintage glamour. I really like Dita's backwards manicure.
OPI, they do my favorite polishes and they are the best make for high-end varnishes (in my opinion), so i wanted to purchase a really vintage red i knew it had to be OPI. I spotted 'Big Apple Red' and LOVED it. 
To me, this shade is the 'typical red'. It applys beautifully and drys glossy and fast.
I love this colour. And its a very strange sight for people not to see without glitter nails!

Whats your favorite red shade?

MissLaurenLoves xx

Nubar Pink Dot!

I thought ild add to the Nubar collection, and if youve seen before i am slightly obsessed/addicted to glitter. I just seem to get drawn it, and have to buy it. I spotted this lovely little number from Amazon and i loved it. Its a beautiful peach/pink clearish colour with spots of multicoloured glitter. Looks great on top of any shade.
I paired mine up with the beaut that is Peach Melba by Barry M.
This is just 1 coat, so next time im definatly going to load it up! 

MissLaurenLoves xx

Nubar Treasure!

Okay, so finally a day off and with my new packages delieverd this morning and Four weddings and Big Bang Theory on back to back i had to show you my new purchases! (For those of you that have never seen Four weddings, shame on you! And yes, im addicted to the big band theory).
Im a Nubar virgin, never seen it in the shops and never thought to buy any, but ive seen alot of swatches and thought ild try them out. I buy most of my 'not in the shops' brands from amazon.
I LOVE this shade, its part of the Nubar Prisms collection, its hard to explain, but its a stunning lilac shade packed with holographic glitter. It looks almost 3D on, i think, but it just looks amazing. 
 Its almost mesmerising to look at and it looks so good on. 
I love it! What do you think?

MissLaurenLoves xx

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

OPI Teenage Dream and Pink Friday!

Hello you. Now, ive blogged about these two polishes before, and i absolutly love them. But whenever ive used teenage dream, its always been really thickly with no pink undercoat. Im running very low on it now, so new to keep it going i had to find a shade that goes perfectly underneath! (I have never finished a nail varnish before, so you know this is love!). Nikki Minaj 'Pink Friday' is a stunning baby pink shade. And Katy Perry 'Teenage Dream' Is a pink bashed, glitter packed polish.
Sorry about the messy sides! I love these both together! And its a great way to pro-long your nail varnish, especially if there £12 a pot!

MissLaurenLoves xx

Hello Again...

SO, you may have seen the lack of movment on this page. Ive had a few things going on but im pleased to say im BACK. And with my new nail varnish and bits and bobs on there way in the post, im going to have tons to ramble about. Woohoo! I do apologise to all my lovely followers. 

MissLaurenLoves xx