Friday, 30 March 2012

Nicole By OPI, Rainbow In The S-Kylie!

Uh oh! New love alert. I was in love with the Muppet collection 'Rainbow Connection' and i was completely gutted when i couldn't get hold of it, but then i spotted a uncanny dupe in the form of a differnt OPI. Had to be brought! I ended up getting this from ASOS, and yes, i did buy 3, not all for me!
This polish is part of the Kardashian Kolor range and is quite simply rainbow glitter, all different sizes, in a clear based polish. Isnt it beautiful!
Now with glitters, and different formula's its hard to estimate how thick its going to be, hows the glitter going to come out with one coat etc, so i thought ild try it on its own first, and see how it would go on.
 This is with a couple pretty thick coats, and i think it just looks amazing. Like literally nothing I've ever seen on my nails before! I like it like this, but i really wanted a differnt base colour, something to make it stand out even more, and im a sucker for a bit of pink so i thought ild team this beaut up with my favorite pink at the moment which is MUA in shade 16.
Quiet a cute couple, dont you think ;).
Without flash, sorry its a bit of a naff photo! This is mainly to show you the glitter.
With flash, the glitter looks a bit funny, but i wanted to show you the pink, this is my favourite pink at the moment!

I absolutely love this polish, my new found love, and i brought one for my friend and i cant wait to give it to her tomorrow! I also brought one for a cheeky little giveaway I'm planning for pretty soon, so please keep your eyes peeled, as i all want you to enter!

Lots of love.

MissLaurenLoves xx


  1. This is my absolute fave ive reviewed it too along with wear something sparkylie x

  2. I love Rainbow Connection, but judging from the photos this looks exactly like it ha. Great post :) xo

  3. love it! how much was it?

    Katt xo