Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Sephora by OPI! Spark-tacular!

Ive been looking for this little beauty for too long. Ive looked on ebay, amazon, everywhere and no luck! I started to give up, until one of my good friends said she was going to Florida, i jumped straight in and asked her to pick me up this, the best glitter top coat, Sparktacular! By Sephora by OPI. 
Beautiful polish, with small glitters and big glitters in rainbow colours.
I teamed this up with just a plain black by Barry M.
This is the end result. Baring in mind that was only 2 coats of the glitter polish im so impressed with it. It leaves loads of glitter on the nail and when i put more on it doesnt all spread and move around like some other glitters. This is my favorite rainbow glitter, i think i may prefer this one to the Nicole By OPI 'Rainbow in the s-kylie'! 
Unfortunatly i did recieve this from America, so i think it will be pretty hard to find in the UK. If you do come accross it though, its so worth it!

Whats your favorite rainbow glitter?

MissLaurenLoves xx

MissLaurenLoves on Holiday!

So, you've probally been wondering where Ive wonderd off to. Ive been sunning it up in the Costa Del Sol for 3 weeks, and it was so good to just switch off and unwind! 
We started off in Malaga for 3 days then headed on a Royal Carribean cruise accross Spain and Italy for a week, then to finish the holiday off, a week in Spain.
The holiday was perfect,  just what i needed after a stressful time in England.

Heres a few holiday snaps.



The most amazing Paella!

The cruise ship! Massive!

 On the cruise ship. 


Literally the best thing i have ever eaten in my whole life! Sod the holiday diet! 

Cooling my feet off. 

The weather was hot, the bikini was out and the sunglasses on, perfect! Had such a lovely time, but feels good to be home!

The day after i got home i also got a new tattoo! 

Its good to be back writing on my blog again. See you soon!

MissLaurenLoves xx