Sunday, 29 January 2012

Meeow! Easy Wild nails!

Just a qwick post today to show you one of the qwickest things to do to your nails ever! This has got to be THE easyiest nail design ever, and it looks so effective. Its sort of zebra, cheetah design that can be used with any colour with only a eyeliner as your tool.
I always use MUA exrtreme felt tip eyeliner for all of my nail designs as its a type of pen. A brush is most times unpredictible.
For my base coat colour i used Leighton Denny Babydoll (which i got in my glossybox!).
All you need to do is apply your desierd colour, leave to dry completly, and take your eyeliner and apply strokes from each side, careful not to make them too thick!
SO easy!

Thanks for reading!
MissLaurenLoves xx

Look Beauty Nail Pops, Lepoard style!

I love nail art, and by the last post i did i thought ild treat you all to another! Im currently bed bound with the worst flu-cold type thing ever. So what better way then to spend my day perfecting my nails. Its defiantly cheering me up!
I LOVE the nail pop nail polishes from Look beauty, there glossy, hard wearing and easy to apply. And considering my window shows me only a gloomy day, i thought ild brighten it up with these nails!
I Used...
Left to right - Nail pop in Flares, Top Coat in Strengthening top coat and Nail pop in Juice.

Finished look...
 How i did it...
1. File and base coat the nail, ive gone for a square shape.
2. I took juice and did two coats, just as normal and let to fully dry.
3. Take your leopard print spot colour, (i have flares), and make sure theres not too much on the brush. Just spot on your nails, doesn't have to be neat, do some big spots and some small spots.
4. Take a liquid eyeliner, can be any liquid eyeliner, i use a felt tip one because it gives me more of a controllable line, and draw around the spots, some not all the way round, most of mine Ive just drawn half way round.
5. Leave to fully dry (important) and apply top coat. I use Nail pop top coat as it lasts FOREVER!

Hope you enjoy and have a go yourself!
Lots of love.
MissLaurenLoves xx

Friday, 27 January 2012

Versatile Blogger award!

Having a lazy day in my pjs relaxing as i have been a bit poorly this week and this has cheered me right up! Nichole from writes the most amazing blog and she has just awarded me the versatile blogger award! Still quiet new to this so i have been checking other peoples awarded posts and looks like i have to share some facts about myself with you lovely readers. Here it goes...
1. I have an addiction to anything glitter. Like obsession.
2. You may laugh, but i think i have a fear of baked beans, even just thinking about them makes me feel abit ill. Definatly some child trauma there.
3. My sister writes an amazing blog, and is definatly my inspiration.
4. I started writing because i loved reading blogs for years, and thought it was time i joined this great way to share my obsession and to meet new people who like the same things as me. I havent looked back!
5. I love police shows.
6. For a qwalified hairdresser, ive had plenty of hair disasters in my time.
7. I used to have a goldfish called fatty (RIP).
8. I own a harrods store card. (Not good).

And now i have to share my favorite blogs who i think deserve this award...

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Those are my favorite blogs ever :) Thankyou so much for my award Nichole!
Lots of love to my lovely readers.
MissLaurenLoves xx

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Nails of the day!

Just a qwick little post today. Ive only just got home from work and my throat feels like im swallowing razorblades but i HAD to show you my nails, because if truth be told, im pretty proud of them.
I used...
(Sorry for my shocking paint skills, i hope this is clear enough). While im here can i just express my love for these AMAZING glitter nail files! Small things please small minds, so they say.

Heres my finished look...
(Sorry im holding the eyeliner, took this picture for twitter and this is the clearest picture of the nails!)

How i did it...
Firstly i used the nail files to file my nails to desired shape. Then used the base coat to stop staining and to give a smoother base for my colours.
Then i used Pink Friday from the Nicki Minaj OPI collection and applied 2 coats to each nails and left to dry.
Once dry, i used Fly (also from the Nicki Minaj OPI collection) and very carefully used the small brush to sweep a diagional tip from each side, to create a zig-zag kind of impression. Overlap the diagional tip to create look. Doesnt have to be amazingly neat, we can sort that out later.
Left to completly dry and use your MUA felt tip eyeliner (can be any eyeliner, but this is so easy to use as its like a pen) and cover any mistakes and to create a even line.
Leave to completly dry. Then add a layer of top coat. I use Look Beauty Nail Pop (this stuff is amazing!). I did the top coat before the white dots as i did one nail white dots before top coat and it smeared all over my nail. Not cool.
Once top coat is dry, carefully use the white nail art pen and place dots along the eyeliner line. (you can use any colour, i just used white because its what i had).
Leave it to dry for a couple hours then apply top coat to the whole thing.
If you have any questions please comment me!

Hope you like and hope you start experimenting with your polishes with this design! MUA have told me that Shades 9 and 16 work a treat together. Hope you like.

MissLaurenLoves xx

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Opi Nicki Minaj Minis!

This big Opi spend up has not been good for my bank balance, but for beautiful nails, i think i can justify. Ive recently brought the Nicki minaj mini collection, purely for the fact that i loved them all i didn't know which full size one to pick, so decided ill get 4 in mini form! The colours are literally like nothing ive ever seen before. I love each one.
The 4 bottles are very small, only enough for about 10 applications. But for £12 it was well worth the spend.

 First up is Did it on 'em, and its a green and yellow shade. Its actually like nothing ive ever seen before and i was actually pleasantly surprised when i saw it on my nails because this isn't a shade i would usually go for, but it looks so nice on!
This was taken without flash, i applied two coats but i reckon a third one is needed as i still had a few thin patches. 
This was with flash on, looks almost yellow florescent, but its defiantly darker then this in non-flash real life.

Next up is Fly. And i reckon this is probably my favourite shade. Its a bright sky blue and looks fab on.
This is without flash, isnt it beautiful?
This photo is with flash on, and this is defiantly the shade that it looks like in daylight. My fingers look so wrinkly.

3rd shade is Pink Friday. Ive got alot of baby pinks, and alot simular to this, but its nice to have a new one once in a while.
This picture is without flash, this was with 2 coats and i definatly need to put another one on as you can see thin bits. 
This picture is with flash on and it is such a nice pink. This reminds me of Niki minajs' pink lips that she always has.

Lastly is a mini verson of Metallic 4 life. This is a black/grey base with little specks of glitter and shimmer, its actully soo pretty. 
This photo is without flash as this picture is definatly how it comes out. Ah beautiful!

Which one is your favorite, i couldnt pick, i love them all!
Thanks for reading. Lots of love. 
MissLaurenLoves xx

Opi Pirates of the Carribean Mermaids Tears!

Now, all the nail varnishes ive owned and worn recently have been packed with glitter, shimmer and anything that sparkles. But, ive stepped away from the glitter nails and gone back to basics with a stunning emmerald green made by OPI. I brought my sister this nail polish for christmas and loved it, my friend also has it and everyone ive spoke to about it have told me how much they have fallen in love with it, and truth me told. Im smitten with it.
Its so beautiful, a sort of green, jade, grey and emmerald shades and looks amazing on. The finish is glossy and smooth, and also qwick drying which is always a plus!
This picture is without flash, this picture gives of very grey shades. Yes that is my spotty bed cover and yes i am very lazy sitting in bed doing this, a long day at work has not helped!
Im actully in love with this polish. Aah! This picture is with flash on.
Goes amazingly with my new ring!!!

Thanks for reading my lovely readers.
MissLaurenLoves xx

Opi Muppet Collection Animal-istic!

If you are a regular visitor on my blog, you will be very aware of my obsession with OPI, and my slight obsession with glitter, just a little. This is my fourth muppet collection blog post, i have Gone Gonzo, Divine Swine, Meep meep meep and now ive added to my collection by purchasing the BEAUTIFUL Animal-istic, this is very simular to Meep meep meep. Where as Meep meep meep is very red and pinky fine glitter, this is red orangy fine glitter, i love them both!
As you can see its red tones and orange tones and shimmer glitter in it. It looks beautiful on!
This photo is with flash on.
This photo is without flash on. This was only with 2 coats, and such a beautiful, glossy colour! This would look amazing in the summer. 

Do you have any favorite OPI's?
Thanks for reading!
MissLaurenLoves xx

Monday, 23 January 2012

My 'Unholy Amount Of Primers' Haul.

Yes, yes, yes, i have a silly amount of eye shadows, and now im going to show you my silly amount of primers. For a woman who doesn't use it everyday (basically whenever i remember) i do know i have too many, but you got to kiss lots of frogs to find your prince, right? I really need to get in the habit of using it everyday, but at 7am in the morning, the only thought process that goes through my mind is 'tea?' 'when is it time to go back to bed?' and i dont really think 'must prep my skin'.
I have very combination skin, my cheeks are fine, but my t-zone is very much dry, and oily, i know weird combination) but thats the way life goes, so i need something thats going to control the shine, but add moisture.
Here is my collection, too much?
The first ever ever ever primer i brought was the L'Oreal Studio secrets, which was very hyped up at the time when it first came out. I brought it from Boots for around £14.29. 
Yes this looks very 'past its sell by date' and it does look pretty old, but ive had this for yonks (i dont really use it anymore though).
As you can see its very thick, and it does feel very thick on the skin, when i use this i only use a very small amount as i feel it cloggs my skin up abit. This is perfect on my cheeks but for the skin i have, i needed something that was going to help my problem, not clogg it up. If you have perfect skin, this would be perfect for you (and i would be slightly envious).
Next up, a MUST have from the genius' at Benefit. Which comes in the form of Pore-fessional. I love this product so much, this is my second blog post on it (true love, eh?).
This product is oil-free, so absolutly perfect for skin that tents to get oily, and its so lightweight i dont feel like my skin is being clogged up (which is amazing because i always worry im going to have a massive break out if i feel my skin is just full of junk). The texture feels like silk on my skin and i use this just straight up on my pours, i mix it in my foundation to help with the application and look of the foundation or i use it to touch up and get rid of any nasty shine through-out the day.
As you can see, the product itself looks thick, but smooths out straight away as you smooth over the skin, its translucent so does not leave colour, as the product comes out slightly coloured. As soon as i sweep over my dull face i immediatly feel refreshed and my skin looks all matte and lovely. Ahh! This is just a great product and i would highly highly reccomend it. You can buy this from in store or online for £23.50, i would definatly pay this to have better looking skin!
Next up Prime time oil control from Bare Minerals. I went through a stage where all i used was the Bare minerals face powder range, but i decided it just wasnt for me, dont get me wrong the products are amazing but for me i needed something that would reduce my t-zone. I brought this a while back and dont use it very often as i felt as it dried it felt like one of those peel off masks, if you know what i mean, where it like tightens on your face, and it felt realllyy weird. I dont know if it was just my skin, or if its because its a oil control formula but it definatly felt weird. I liked the results though!
The product is very gloopy and clear. You are told to put it on before foundation, leave for a few mins and then apply the foundation. The tightness makes me wonder if this primer builds a kind of wall to try and stop oil surfacing to the skin? Im not sure, but it would make a pretty good reason behind the weird feeling it gives on my skin.
As you can see its clear, so this wouldnt have any illuminating properties, just purly there to help out with the oil control. You can buy this primer from Bare Minerals for £19. Overal i do like this product, and i will definatly finish the rest of the bottle, just feels really weird on!
Next up, MAC oil control lotion and skin base visage. One of my good friends previously worked for MAC, and she helped me out so much with any of my troubles and qwieries regarding my face. And may i add she is one of the best make up artists ever. She suggested i use the oil control to stop my oil (this was not to solve the solution, but to help the solution while it was on, which is perfect!) on my t-zone and oily areas and then to use the skin base visage after to give the rest of my skin a flawless look.
The bottles are beautiful, i love the whole MAC look, and i love the products. I have been useing these for about 5 months now, and they still feel really full. You only need the tinyest amount for your whole face.
On the left is the oil control and the right is the skin base visage. The oil control lotion is really smooth and skinks into your skin straight away, i also find it moisturises aswell which is always good. The skin base visage is amazing, its packed full of glitter to give your face a glowing look. I love the fact that its got shimmer in as my skin can tend  to look sometimes dull, so this definatly helps. Its fairly thick, but doesnt feel cloggy at all. Its really smooth and i definatly find it helps with the application of my foundation. The oil control lotion is £12 from MAC and the skin base visage is £18.50 from MAC.
Next is the cheapest one which is from the fabulous MUA range. And for the bargin price of £4 its the best value for money. I love to use this one just for everyday (if i remember!) because its perfect just for day make up. It smells so fresh and my skin useully drinks it up. It makes my skin silky smooth and perfect to start applying my foundation with. Sometimes i use this mixed in with my foundation to just make the application even easier.
The product is thin and is easy to spread over the skin. It even says if you were very brave to just wear alone, i wouldnt be able to do that as i have terrible skin, but sometimes if i just want to pop to the shop in my pjs and make-up free it will give my skin extra protection from the open elements.
The product is very moisturising and feels fresh on the face. I would definatly recomend as the price is just a steal, and i use this on a day to day basis and love it. £4 from superdrug. BARGIN!
Im not sure really where my sister got this from, but it was handed down from my wonderful sister as i think she didnt get on with it or something, but i love this, ive never seen it before but its so handy as it includes a brush, which makes my job alot easier! Its made by The Body Shop, and i for one am a body shop-aholic. The stuff they sell just smells devine! I love the cherry body butter is a personal favorite of mine. But moving on. This is called illuminating face base, and it does not lie. It makes me glowing when im feeling my lowest.
The packaging is so pretty, i love the whole concept of it, and ive never had a primer with a brush included! I belive this comes in shades as i have shade 01.
As you can see it is coloured, and i like to use this on my cheeks because it definatly does add colour to the skin, and i dont want to be a little bit orange! This looks amazing on my cheeks because if im not wearing much foundation it adds enough colour to my cheeks so i dont have to use blusher. As i say, im so sorry but i have no idea where this product has come from as i cant find it online, but i thought it was worth a mention if you ever stumbled across it!
Lastly, i know, ild be very suprised if your currently reading this far down, i think my fingers will decide to drop off as ive literally written SO much!
This doesnt actully state its a primer, but sometimes i use it mixed in my foundation to add a glow and to give my skin a kick start. Its Hocus Focus by Soap and Glory. It states its a flaw -softning lotion.
I use this sometimes mixed into my foundation to give me extra moisture and a more dewy look.
As you can see the product is so shimmery and it gives an amazing shimmer on my face. I like to use this on my cheeks as i dont want to make my t-zone any more shiny! You can buy this from boots for £13, perfect for a hilighter too!
I know this has been stupidly long, but if youre looking for a primer i really hope this has helped. Theres definatly one here for all skin types, if you have any questions please comment and i will get back to you as soon as i can.
Thanks for reading you lovely lovely bloggers.
MissLaurenLoves xx

New Ring Love.

Okay so, one of my good friends has the YSL ring that pretty much everyone has, or wants, and i was one of them, unfortunartly the one that wants one! I couldnt justify spending that much on a ring, especially since my Tiffany ring only cost £100 (i wear this one everyday!) and the most i would probally wear on a fashion ring (one ild wear on the odd occasion) would be about £20 at the most! So to my absolute joy and happiness i was pottering around the city and decided ild have a look in my local Accsessorize and i found a very and i mean very simular copy of the YSL ring, for a mere £12, one left in a size too big for me, but what the heck, i had to buy it!
How beautiful is this! The emmerald green stone in the base and a stunning gold design on the top. Eep it makes me excited to wear it just by looking at it!
Just to add, on my nails is Teenage Dream, part of the Katy Perry collection for OPI. Amazing colour isnt it?
You can buy this ring from Accsessorize for £12, such a must for any ring lover!
Thanks for reading!
MissLaurenLoves xx

FashionistA Mystical Dragon!

Just a quick post today to show you my beautiful nails. This is FashioniatA in Mystical Dragon and to be honest, im in love. This colour is a greeny-blue sparkle and it is just the most beautiful colour that changes shades everytime i move my fingers in the light.
As you can see the colour is an amazing green with specs of shimmery glitter that catch your eye everytime you look at it. I had so many compliments when i had this colour on so i knew i had to share it with all you lovely ladies! You can buy this and many more shades by FashionistA in Superdrug for £5-BARGIN for such a amazing, long wearing colour. I finish mine off with a dash of top coat for extra sparkle!
MissLaurenLoves xx

Thursday, 19 January 2012

My Favorite Songs of 2011!

Okay, so yes, i admit it im a tad late (about 20 days late!) but, better late then never right? Music is a big part of my life, weather its going into my own little world on the bus in the morning or blasting it out and having a wild dance in the living room i love it. Im pretty much a indie girl, working in a shop that blasts the stuff out all day so im around indie all day. Some of the songs im about to feature wernt released in 2011, but i discovered, and fell in love with these songs throughout the year. Hope you all have a listen to my own personal playlist and let me know if you love these songs too!

1. Bombay Bicycle Club-Shuffle. This is my favorite song EVER, i dont know why, but it is. If i listen to this in the morning, i find myself singing this beauty all day!

2.Ellie Goulding-Your Song. Is it bad to say i like this one more then the Elton John version? Its such a beautiful song. The lyrics just make me want to hug somebody!

3.Rhianna-We found love. Need i say more?

4.Friendly Fires-Hurting. This was pretty hard to locate, it kept coming on at work and me and one of my best friends kept trying to remember the lyrics so we could google it, after about the 100th time we found it yay! Whenever i listen to it, it always reminds me of her. Okay so that was a pretty naff story. But, i felt like it needed to be said!

5.Passion Pit-Sleepyhead. This song definatly makes me wake up from being a sleepyhead!!! Okay rubbish joke.

6.Olly Murs-Dance With Me Tonight. Im in love with Olly Murs, like literally, love. When i first herd the song on the x-factor, i loved it and i havent stopped listning to it since.
Whats your favorite song of 2011?

MissLaurenLoves xx

Monday, 16 January 2012

Benefit There real! Mascara and Magic ink eyeliner!

As you all know, im a self confessed Benefit-aholic. And im not afraid to say it. Ive got a growing collection of products and i was lucky enough for christmas to be given the 'There Real! mascara (this is a replacement for the one im currently useing, its lasted me ages!) and 'Magic Ink' liquid eyeliner (my mum knows me too well, as if you know me well enough you will know i never leave the house without liquid eyeliner!). Ive been using the 'There Real!' mascara for a couple months now, im fully converted. I was defiantly intrigued to use it after the rave reviews and statistics on the front packaging. I have so many mascaras that ive tried and tested, but none have taken my heart. Until, i trotted along Bond Street and headed towards the Benefit make up counter in Debenhams. With my Mum in tow i decided to make the purchase, as for £18.50 is not a cheap purchase and is worrying then spending that on something you've never used before.
As with any Benefit the packaging is witty and eye catching.
The brush is amazing, staggered bristles to get close to the root, and extras bristles on the top for extra lengthening!
I'm a sucker for liquid eyeliner, and it takes a certain type of formula and certain type of brush to keep me interested. I use it everyday of my life, so it needs to be just what i need. Ive needed a new eyeliner for a long time now, i was previously useing Bojours Ultra Black (or something) eyeliner before and insted of a pen it has a thin brush, i can use them the best. I had seen this about before and always wanted to try it, and to my suprise, there it was, under the christmas tree waiting to be used.
As you can see, the brush is thin and it perfect for creating neat lines and flicks.
I only have two coats of mascara on, so i could imagine the length with more on! And when i had taken this picture (sounds gross) but i have had this make up on ALL day, so from application around 7am, and photo taking around 8pm, i think its lasted pretty well. The eyeliner is amazing, i make many a mistake and with this formula you can just slightly stratch it off and it wont ruin the rest of your make up - a god send!
If you like liquid eyeliner, i would definatly recomend this, and this is such a good mascara i would recomend it to anyone. 

Thanks for reading!
MissLaurenLoves xx

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Look Beauty!

From the kings and queens that make and design look magazine, they have now created a new make up range called Look Beauty. With there ranges of foundations, powders, eyeshadows, lipsticks and nail varnishes, ive manged to get my paws on a blush, eyeshadow set and some stunning nail varnishes.
This is a brand spanking new range and ranges from prices £4 - £18 (for a set). A percentage of the price of the products goes towards charity. So in my world, buying fab make-up and helping out a charity is right up my street.
The triple hit 3-way eyeshadow set comes in a few differnt colours (retailing at £7.50) but since im a sucker for a brown eye this has got to be my favorite shades. There shimmery and glowing shades. Perfect for the ultimade brown smokey eye. The set ive got is called La Luxe (shade 1). On the back it states 'Three colour hits in one, wear them solo or blend for a super hot smoke'.
L-R- Gold shimmer (top right on above picture), Brown shimmer (top left on above picture), Beige shimmer (bottom half on above picture).

The blush i own is amazing, its in shade Flirt (shade 1) and comes in magnet-held case.
The shade is a peachy shimmer colour, its quiet dark and comes out very pigmented, i useully go for a pale pink colour or a bronzer, but i would definatly give this a go with just a sweep over my cheeks to just add a little summer glow to my cheeks. 
As you can see the colour is very pigmented and (yes i have sweeped quiet alot on my hand to give a true colour) and obviously you wouldnt put that much on your cheeks but this looks fab just a small amount. Perfect for summer for the perfect glow. 

I have too many nail varnishes for my own good, like any typical girl what my monthly wadges mostly goes in is beauty, fashion and chocolate. The Look Beauty varnishes are literally amazing. True to colour and beautiful shades. Unfortunatly, due to the amount of nail varnishes i have i havent had chance to swatch any of them yet, but to be honest with you the colour is true to the pot. 
Ive tried to make the picture as big as possible so you can see the shade names. I LOVE pearl effect!
My favorite shades are Glamrock (left) and Pearl Effect (right). They are amazing, and for those who have read my blog before, you will be fully aware at my un-natural obsession with glitter. These nail varnishes retail at £5 each, bargin for a high qwality polish. 

Thanks for reading!
MissLaurenLoves xx