Sunday, 29 January 2012

Look Beauty Nail Pops, Lepoard style!

I love nail art, and by the last post i did i thought ild treat you all to another! Im currently bed bound with the worst flu-cold type thing ever. So what better way then to spend my day perfecting my nails. Its defiantly cheering me up!
I LOVE the nail pop nail polishes from Look beauty, there glossy, hard wearing and easy to apply. And considering my window shows me only a gloomy day, i thought ild brighten it up with these nails!
I Used...
Left to right - Nail pop in Flares, Top Coat in Strengthening top coat and Nail pop in Juice.

Finished look...
 How i did it...
1. File and base coat the nail, ive gone for a square shape.
2. I took juice and did two coats, just as normal and let to fully dry.
3. Take your leopard print spot colour, (i have flares), and make sure theres not too much on the brush. Just spot on your nails, doesn't have to be neat, do some big spots and some small spots.
4. Take a liquid eyeliner, can be any liquid eyeliner, i use a felt tip one because it gives me more of a controllable line, and draw around the spots, some not all the way round, most of mine Ive just drawn half way round.
5. Leave to fully dry (important) and apply top coat. I use Nail pop top coat as it lasts FOREVER!

Hope you enjoy and have a go yourself!
Lots of love.
MissLaurenLoves xx


  1. I love these colours together!

  2. I love this! I just can't do it though, I just make a mess every single time I attempt it :( x

    1. Aw! Its pretty easy to do once you got the hang of it! i just make sure i use a felt tip eyeliner otherwise i mess it up! my left hand isnt as good! haha xxx

  3. You've got an eye for colours, these are lovely! Gonna try myself x

    1. Thankyou! It was a pretty gloomy day so i thought ild brighten things up a bit! Woo, tweet me a pic! x

  4. you're good at your nail art!