Monday, 23 January 2012

My 'Unholy Amount Of Primers' Haul.

Yes, yes, yes, i have a silly amount of eye shadows, and now im going to show you my silly amount of primers. For a woman who doesn't use it everyday (basically whenever i remember) i do know i have too many, but you got to kiss lots of frogs to find your prince, right? I really need to get in the habit of using it everyday, but at 7am in the morning, the only thought process that goes through my mind is 'tea?' 'when is it time to go back to bed?' and i dont really think 'must prep my skin'.
I have very combination skin, my cheeks are fine, but my t-zone is very much dry, and oily, i know weird combination) but thats the way life goes, so i need something thats going to control the shine, but add moisture.
Here is my collection, too much?
The first ever ever ever primer i brought was the L'Oreal Studio secrets, which was very hyped up at the time when it first came out. I brought it from Boots for around £14.29. 
Yes this looks very 'past its sell by date' and it does look pretty old, but ive had this for yonks (i dont really use it anymore though).
As you can see its very thick, and it does feel very thick on the skin, when i use this i only use a very small amount as i feel it cloggs my skin up abit. This is perfect on my cheeks but for the skin i have, i needed something that was going to help my problem, not clogg it up. If you have perfect skin, this would be perfect for you (and i would be slightly envious).
Next up, a MUST have from the genius' at Benefit. Which comes in the form of Pore-fessional. I love this product so much, this is my second blog post on it (true love, eh?).
This product is oil-free, so absolutly perfect for skin that tents to get oily, and its so lightweight i dont feel like my skin is being clogged up (which is amazing because i always worry im going to have a massive break out if i feel my skin is just full of junk). The texture feels like silk on my skin and i use this just straight up on my pours, i mix it in my foundation to help with the application and look of the foundation or i use it to touch up and get rid of any nasty shine through-out the day.
As you can see, the product itself looks thick, but smooths out straight away as you smooth over the skin, its translucent so does not leave colour, as the product comes out slightly coloured. As soon as i sweep over my dull face i immediatly feel refreshed and my skin looks all matte and lovely. Ahh! This is just a great product and i would highly highly reccomend it. You can buy this from in store or online for £23.50, i would definatly pay this to have better looking skin!
Next up Prime time oil control from Bare Minerals. I went through a stage where all i used was the Bare minerals face powder range, but i decided it just wasnt for me, dont get me wrong the products are amazing but for me i needed something that would reduce my t-zone. I brought this a while back and dont use it very often as i felt as it dried it felt like one of those peel off masks, if you know what i mean, where it like tightens on your face, and it felt realllyy weird. I dont know if it was just my skin, or if its because its a oil control formula but it definatly felt weird. I liked the results though!
The product is very gloopy and clear. You are told to put it on before foundation, leave for a few mins and then apply the foundation. The tightness makes me wonder if this primer builds a kind of wall to try and stop oil surfacing to the skin? Im not sure, but it would make a pretty good reason behind the weird feeling it gives on my skin.
As you can see its clear, so this wouldnt have any illuminating properties, just purly there to help out with the oil control. You can buy this primer from Bare Minerals for £19. Overal i do like this product, and i will definatly finish the rest of the bottle, just feels really weird on!
Next up, MAC oil control lotion and skin base visage. One of my good friends previously worked for MAC, and she helped me out so much with any of my troubles and qwieries regarding my face. And may i add she is one of the best make up artists ever. She suggested i use the oil control to stop my oil (this was not to solve the solution, but to help the solution while it was on, which is perfect!) on my t-zone and oily areas and then to use the skin base visage after to give the rest of my skin a flawless look.
The bottles are beautiful, i love the whole MAC look, and i love the products. I have been useing these for about 5 months now, and they still feel really full. You only need the tinyest amount for your whole face.
On the left is the oil control and the right is the skin base visage. The oil control lotion is really smooth and skinks into your skin straight away, i also find it moisturises aswell which is always good. The skin base visage is amazing, its packed full of glitter to give your face a glowing look. I love the fact that its got shimmer in as my skin can tend  to look sometimes dull, so this definatly helps. Its fairly thick, but doesnt feel cloggy at all. Its really smooth and i definatly find it helps with the application of my foundation. The oil control lotion is £12 from MAC and the skin base visage is £18.50 from MAC.
Next is the cheapest one which is from the fabulous MUA range. And for the bargin price of £4 its the best value for money. I love to use this one just for everyday (if i remember!) because its perfect just for day make up. It smells so fresh and my skin useully drinks it up. It makes my skin silky smooth and perfect to start applying my foundation with. Sometimes i use this mixed in with my foundation to just make the application even easier.
The product is thin and is easy to spread over the skin. It even says if you were very brave to just wear alone, i wouldnt be able to do that as i have terrible skin, but sometimes if i just want to pop to the shop in my pjs and make-up free it will give my skin extra protection from the open elements.
The product is very moisturising and feels fresh on the face. I would definatly recomend as the price is just a steal, and i use this on a day to day basis and love it. £4 from superdrug. BARGIN!
Im not sure really where my sister got this from, but it was handed down from my wonderful sister as i think she didnt get on with it or something, but i love this, ive never seen it before but its so handy as it includes a brush, which makes my job alot easier! Its made by The Body Shop, and i for one am a body shop-aholic. The stuff they sell just smells devine! I love the cherry body butter is a personal favorite of mine. But moving on. This is called illuminating face base, and it does not lie. It makes me glowing when im feeling my lowest.
The packaging is so pretty, i love the whole concept of it, and ive never had a primer with a brush included! I belive this comes in shades as i have shade 01.
As you can see it is coloured, and i like to use this on my cheeks because it definatly does add colour to the skin, and i dont want to be a little bit orange! This looks amazing on my cheeks because if im not wearing much foundation it adds enough colour to my cheeks so i dont have to use blusher. As i say, im so sorry but i have no idea where this product has come from as i cant find it online, but i thought it was worth a mention if you ever stumbled across it!
Lastly, i know, ild be very suprised if your currently reading this far down, i think my fingers will decide to drop off as ive literally written SO much!
This doesnt actully state its a primer, but sometimes i use it mixed in my foundation to add a glow and to give my skin a kick start. Its Hocus Focus by Soap and Glory. It states its a flaw -softning lotion.
I use this sometimes mixed into my foundation to give me extra moisture and a more dewy look.
As you can see the product is so shimmery and it gives an amazing shimmer on my face. I like to use this on my cheeks as i dont want to make my t-zone any more shiny! You can buy this from boots for £13, perfect for a hilighter too!
I know this has been stupidly long, but if youre looking for a primer i really hope this has helped. Theres definatly one here for all skin types, if you have any questions please comment and i will get back to you as soon as i can.
Thanks for reading you lovely lovely bloggers.
MissLaurenLoves xx

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