Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Opi Pirates of the Carribean Mermaids Tears!

Now, all the nail varnishes ive owned and worn recently have been packed with glitter, shimmer and anything that sparkles. But, ive stepped away from the glitter nails and gone back to basics with a stunning emmerald green made by OPI. I brought my sister this nail polish for christmas and loved it, my friend also has it and everyone ive spoke to about it have told me how much they have fallen in love with it, and truth me told. Im smitten with it.
Its so beautiful, a sort of green, jade, grey and emmerald shades and looks amazing on. The finish is glossy and smooth, and also qwick drying which is always a plus!
This picture is without flash, this picture gives of very grey shades. Yes that is my spotty bed cover and yes i am very lazy sitting in bed doing this, a long day at work has not helped!
Im actully in love with this polish. Aah! This picture is with flash on.
Goes amazingly with my new ring!!!

Thanks for reading my lovely readers.
MissLaurenLoves xx


  1. Gorgeous colour! It's hard to find greens that are just right.


  2. Love these colours! and i love your blog girl :). Followed you