Thursday, 1 December 2011

Nail rock designer nail wraps swatch!

Hello there! So, today my day so far has been pretty standard. My day usually consists of at some point working, i work in retail in the historical city of Cambridge.With the city alive with Christmas shoppers and market sellers selling it got me thinking. Where on earth is my glossy box? For those of you who dont know what a glossy box is, tut tut, its a monthly subscribsion you pay £12.95 for a beautifully wrapped beauty package of 5 samples of the latest beauty products. I have been subscbribed to glossybox for 4 months now, and i dont know about you, but as soon as i see that brown and pink spotty box arrive on my doorstep, i become quiet excited.
So as i trotted along home, my thoughts focused mainly on how and when am i going to get my glossbox, and to my suprise as i opened the front door the first sight i saw was the brown and pink spotty box in my kitchen with my name on the front ready to be opened.
As i opened the pink box and the black tissue paper the first thing that caught my eye were the Nail rock designer nail wraps. I have never used these before but seen them in Topshop, Asos, Missguided for around £6.  So already by 1 product i have made back half of the money i spent on glossybox.
To my suprise i had recieved the black and white stripey wraps, i had seen on youtube/blogs that some people got lepoard print, some got spotty ones and some got stripes. I would of quiet liked the spotty ones but was still pretty chuffed with my design.
I have never used the nail wraps before so was quiet keen to try them.
 It says on the instructions to firstly buff the nails to take the shine away, wipe with acetone (which i dont have) so i used nail varnish remover as nail varnish remover's main component is acetone. It told me then to select the correct size wrap and place on the finger, then when it was stuck to file away the edge. Now, im not a expert in this but every single wrap i smoothed over my finger i got left with air bubbles and lumps in the wrap which would not go, but i found the filing and removing of the excess wrap quiet easy. This is my final result:
Sorry the picture qwality is terrible! As you can see the final result is totally awsome nails! What wraps did you get in your glossbox? Did you find them easy to apply or did you have the same difficultys as me?
Thanks for reading lovlies!

Miss Lauren Loves xx

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  1. Ohhh, i'm from Cambridgeshire, nice to see someone else that's fairly local.

    Love the look of these nail wraps.