Thursday, 22 December 2011

Soap and Glory Make-up!

So, Soap and Glory, renowned Boots brand known for its bottles of bubble bath and quirky slogans have made a new make-up range. As i trotted along to my nearest boots on a early morning in Petty Cury round the corner from where i work, and had my useual nose around all the make-up stands i noticed a Soap and Glory stand.
I tried my upmost hardest to get hold of the annual Soap and glory Boots £60 set reduced to £25, as i brought it last year and was literally the best thing i ever brought, everything i could ever want for the cheap price of just £25! This year was the Big splendour, i was ready and waiting, and to my disapointment the boots website for some reason would not let me log in to buy it. I was absolutly gutted and i got pretty angary at boots for not letting me buy it. By the time i got into store, it was too late. Did anyone manage to get it?
Moving on from my rant. So, i was in boots and noticed the make up. Useually soap and glory do a few make up bits, like the eyebrow pencil and the concealer tube (both of which, i have) so it was a lovely suprise to see all this lovely fresh and new range.
My only ever eye make i use is always browns and nudes, for some reason i dont feel i suit the black smokey eye, so in the day i do light browns and going out i go all out for dark browns, light browns, and light colours in the correct places. I have always wanted the Urban decay Naked palette, but for £30 pounds i cant really justify on eyeshadows, so i picked up and decided to buy the 'Lid Stuff' in Whats Nude palette. Its all the colours and shades i adore!
There is four shades to a palette, top left- Vanilla, top right- Pink T, bottom left- Mudhoney and bottom right- Aubersheen. All the colours are matte apart from Aubersheen. The colours are beautiful and the palette was only £10! Not bad for really pigmented but nutural colours.

                               From left to right- Aubersheen, Mudhoney, Pink T and Vanilla.
I would use Vanilla unber the brow and on the actuale eyelid to pop the eye open, even in the inner corner of the eye to really make the eyes stand out. I would then either go on the crease of the eye with any of the three. Depending on what you like. I would even use all four somehow for a real smokey eye! Definatly going to experiment with these four shades and let you know how i get on! You can buy these pallete and other shades for £10 from Boots.

Also while i was there i treated myself to a powder hi-lighter, Glow all out, and a face bronzer, Solar Powder. Ive wanted a powder hilighter for ages, but never found the right one, so picked this one up, swatched it on my hand and fell in love with it! Picked it up instantly as it was the last one left on the shelf! I then spotted the bronzer and a girl can never have too many bronzers. So headed to the checkout.
I love the palettes they come in, a flip lid secured with magnets with a mirror on the opposite side of the lid. Now, i did swatch these for you to have a ganders at, but my stupid camera didnt pick the shade up, i probally need to do this in daylight, but anyway the shade inside are true to what there like on skin. The glow all out is amazing. Its pink shimmer perfect for giving you a winter glow on your cheeks.
                                                                 Glow All Out-
                                  Its baby pink, but comes out on the skin as sheer glitter.

The bronzer is two shades, the left a matte darker shade, and the right a lighter shade with a little glitter included. The signiture soap and glory symbol in the middle with a pink glitter, was a little gutted this wasnt glitter the whole way down, but only on the top surface (you can see i investigated on the bottom of the G!).
They dont have a big range out yet, but what i brought i am impressed with. Each one of these powders is £11 each, and they are not small, with a handy mirror included.

 You can find the Soap and Glory Make-up on the Boots website or in store (i have a feeling that it is only in larger boots store) but its still worth investigating! Thanks for reading.

                                                            MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Lots of love. MissLaurenLoves xx

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