Saturday, 17 December 2011

December Glossybox!

Okay, so, haven't been on here in a while, i do apologise. Work has quiet literally taken over my life!
Moving on..
As soon as i open a glossybox, investigate each item i am in excitemeant for the next one already, and Decembers box did not disappoint! In Novembers box there was alot of disappointment and i can understand why, i had so many little perfume testers i couldn't remember where i put them all, i never use them as i like to spray loads on and i ended up giving some of them to my friend. You can clearly see in this months box they have taken all the comments on board and improved the box tons. As i ripped open the postage box to my surprise the usual dusty pink signature box was replaced by a more shiny red box for the festive season (at this point i turn into the mental state of a 5 year old on Christmas morning) as i fling the cards to one side, pull open the ribbon and rip open the tissue paper.

The first thing that catches my eye is a Rituals foaming shower gel. We have a rituals shop in Cambridge, well i don't think its there anymore actually, but anyway, Ive always heard good things about there stuff, and working in a shop in Cambridge as well they would sometimes pop in some samples to us which were Divine. The sent i recieved was the Fujiyama, which to be honest, confuses my brain, but its mandarin and mint. It smells lovely, minty with a hint of fruit orange-ness. It says on the card 'this unique foaming shower gel gently cleanses your skin and leaves it silky soft and smooth' To buy this full size is £6.50. Ive seen on other reviews that some people got rose sented ones, what one did you get?
Then i noticed the full size black box in the coner. Blink + go mascara. Ive never herd of this company before and never seen it in any shops. I had a little sneaky look on the website and it looks like they do more false eyelashes, mascaras and eyeshadows. The full size of this mascara is £14.99 so immediatly made back all the money i spent on the glossybox!
I love a good mascara, who doesnt? But embrassingly enough to admit it, i like the big old chunky brushes and the thick formula, i like to have long and really thick lashes! The tube is heavy and the brush medium sized. I look forward to useing it!
I couldnt belive my eyes when i saw a glitter nail varnish, this is right up my street! On my previous post i was gushing how much i loved a christmas glitter and there it was, sitting, waiting for me in my glossy box! Its by Deborah Lippmann and a full size one of these badboys is £16! I struggle to justify spending a tenner on a OPI let alone £16! The one i recieved, and what i think everyone recieved, was Razzle Dazzle. Which isnt included on the House of Fraser website to buy. Its a reddy, pinky glitter colour.
In the box it was included with a nail varnish stripper to go sachet, this states to clean all ten nails.
I wanted to paint my nails today with this new nail varnish, and my previous nail varnish was the OPI teenage dream, and all of us girls know its such a pain in the bum to get glitter off. So i thought considering these strippers to buy for a pack of 6 was £14 would work miricles. I thought wrong! I got as far as 2 and a half nails before the mitt was useless and had to resort back to my Co-op cheapy nail varnish remover. I would definatly wait til you didnt have glitter on to use this mitt.
The colour of the nail varnish is not as bright and glittery as i thought it would be on the bottle, like some glitter varnishes where you get about 6 specs of glitter and just a clear coat on your nails this was jam packed with glitter and colour, and i didnt have to resort in dabbing or blobbing on.
Okay, so yes my camera is a peice of rubbish but you get the jist of it. This colour is definatly perfect for the christmas party season! But for £16 a pot, i might not be investing in some until i win the lottery!
Then i spotted a Mememe box, ive herd of this brand, ive seen my friends stumble into work and applying their mememe eyeshadows in the early mornings. But ive never tried it before. What i recieved was seventh heaven, 'a luxurious moisturising facebase enriched with active nutrients and extracts to prime and nourish the skin' PERFECT i thought. I suffer with terrible dry skin, especially in the winter months.

This isnt a full size, but there is still alot on a pot, i opened it and tried a bit on my morning skin and only used a little bit that was blobbed on the lid. It smells lush, hints of orange, lemon and lime. It feels smooth and adds moisture instantly. I will definatly try this out before i hit my skin with make-up and see if it helps! I checked out the mememecosmetics website, and i genually want to buy everything!
Last but not least, the smallest thing in the box, a Cargo classic lip gloss. What looks like on the little picture, i recieved the darkest shade, which i wasnt thrilled about, i have thin lips and only suit nude or light colours, so this lipgloss might be heading my mums way. But either way, still looks a stunning colour!
This months glossybox has been best one yet. I was chuffed to peices with what i recieved and you can see they went into alot of thought to pick all the products for this months box. Thankyou Glossybox!
Did you like your glossybox? What did you get?
Thanks for reading!

MissLaurenLoves xx


  1. I have seen so many posts about the Glossy Box December, I relay wish I had signed up for this one as there is such a great selection of products. I especially love the nail colour :) xx

  2. Ah there really worth it Bethan! Some boxes are better then others but this box was amazing! The colour is so stunning, very christmassy! :) x