Thursday, 12 April 2012

Zoya Breezi!

This is my first Zoya polish, and with my new purchase of 'Last Friday Night' in the Katy Perry OPI collection i thought this shade would be perfect for a base. Its a stunning sky blue, and it goes on like a dream. 
One thing i found with Zoya polishes is that it seemed really thin and runny, and it did apply well and dried pretty qwick! 
This will look really nice with my Katy Perry polish over the top! 
What do you think?

And a massive thanks to all the people who commented on my giveaway, i love going through my emails in the morning and reading what youve all written!

MissLaurenLoves xx


  1. ooh I love this shade! So pretty! I really want to try Zoya polishes, they look fab. p.s. new follower here too :D x

  2. Hi
    I've just awarded you the Versatile Blogger Award. Please have a look here for more details

    YY x