Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Be my valentine, Glossybox!

As i lie horizontal nursing my ever worsening fluey, weak body, i cant help being cheered up by receiving my January Glossybox, yes there back, and after a long break between the Christmas one and this one, i was very much looking forward to it.
Ive been with glossybox now for about 6 months, and i love glossybox, theres been alot of negative comments about it over the past couple of months but i think in my personal opinion we get so much for what we pay, usually one of the products in the box is nearly, or over the price we pay for the whole box, i also love trying and experimenting with things i haven't seen before, or wouldn't usually buy.
With the Christmas box, the box was bright red, so i expected to open my cardboard box and to see the signature baby pink, matte, box. As to my surprise, it was a stunning bright pink! All ready for the valentine season. This is a limited addition box. How cute is the heart sticker and the colour of the box!
As every month rolls by, my glossybox always seems to go straight to the post office, and with stupid collection hours, i never seem to get it til the following weekend, so 9 times out of 10 i wouldn't be able to resist and HAVE to take a peek at the contents on other blogs or youtube. This month, however, i resisted. So it was a complete surprise. Here is what i got...
First thing that caught my eye were the two Clarins moistrisers. I have never tried Clarins before but i have herd so much about them and how good they are.
Theres 2 mini versions of the extra firming day cream, and night cream. This is perfect for glossybox as its for all skin types, so can be used by anybody. The size we received is 15ml, and for the full size of 50ml is £48! After seeing how much it was i had very high expectations.
On the left is the night cream, and the right is the day cream. 
As you can see, the night cream is alot thicker then the day cream, on the glossybox card it writes 'Clarins intensive night-time skin renewal complex', that explains the thickness as its an intensive cream and the skin can absorb all the goodness overnight.
The day cream is alot thinner, and the card writes 'infusing skin with firming benefits that are immediate and long-lasting'. Now i would say to myself, jeez im 19 and im already using anti-ageing cream? And im sure im not alone in thinking that, but youve gotta start early, right?
Ive just applied a small amount of the night cream to my face and it feels amazing already! Really rich and moisturising. 
Second thing that caught my eye was First Aid Beauty body moisturiser in a 57.6g version opposed to the full size version at 226.8g retailing at £10. 
I have never seen this brand before, and so was quiet keen to try it out. Its really thick and is fragrance free, its really moisturizing and sinks really qwickly into my skin. On the glossybox card it states 'The ultimate travel companion for all skin types that provides irritant-free cleansing and hydration.' On the card it writes that it is body wash, but on the product is says body moisturiser, so im not really sure what it is, but ill be useing it as a moisturiser.
Sorry guys about my what looks like giant hands! As you can see its really thick, perfect for winter dry skin!
Next thing in the box of lovelyness is a small product from the company Murad, my mum swears by Murad and her skin has really improved since useing it, so as soon as i saw the packaging i new it would be a good product. This is a Skin perfecting primer, and it states on the packaging 'Ignite skins radiant glow, create a smooth resillient canvas while minimising the appearence of pores'. Perfect for i have alot of pores on my t-section and will try anything/buy anything to get rid of them (well to hide them at least). 
We recieved in our box a 5ml version, to buy the full 30ml version would set you back £29.
I was really suprised to see that it is coloured, useual primers are a gel or liquid clear cream, i spreaded it over my hand and it definatly added colour. To use, everyday after moisturizing, blend evenly over face and neck, wear under or in place of foundation for a fresh look.
Lastly, is the full size product. Eyeko skinny eyeliner. I have never seen this brand before so really keen to get it open and to see what it was. The colour i recieved was Midnight blue, which is perfect considering i have bright blue eyes. We recieved a full size pencil, which retails at £9.50, which is 50p off the price for the whole box, im pretty impressed with that.
I was quiet disapointed when i saw how big it was, i thought ah wow! Thats hudge, but in actual fact half of it is just a sort of plastic point, dont really know the purpose of it to be honest, but i loved the colour of it. On the card, it writes 'Get a handle on your eyeliner for precise definition and intense colour with a long-lasting finish'. On the box of the product it writes 'Create dramatic and subtle effects with precise definition and smooth application. Long lasting wax based formula with a blendable cream finish'. 
The colour i have is called Midnight Blue, and as you can see its like a navy blue. Im really pleased with the colour i have got because i have seen that other people have got colours i wouldnt really like to use on my eyes.
Overal im really pleased with my glossybox, as i am with every month, and i think for the price we pay we really get treated. And in my personal opinion i love getting a present every month!

How cute is this glossybox sweet! 

Thanks for reading my lovely followers. 
What did you all get in your glossybox?
MissLaurenLoves xx


  1. the little sweet is the cutest thing ever?! such a nice touch..xx

    1. I Know! I almost dont want to eat it! xx

  2. Such a good glossybox! I'm really going to have to start subscribing. Is the OPI nail polish on your sidebar Teenage Dream? I'm dying to get my hands on it but it's so expensive on ebay right now!

  3. Its so worth it! :), yeah it is, ive also done a post on it
    if you want to see more pics! I knoww, i brought it off ebay, wasnt cheap! :(

  4. I cant wait to get the February Box :) So excited! x